New Year, Blogging Away.

Hey Everyone!!

Well it’s official 2013 has arrived which is very exciting of course everyones made their new years resolutions and hopefully going to keep them (well some of them) anyway I spent christmas with family of course it was nice to spend time with them and catch up on everyones news the most exciting being the my cousin’s wife is going to have another baby in May!! They’ve already got a daughter together so I’m thinking the next ones probably going to be a boy it’s still very exciting stuff though.

New year was pretty quiet as I just had a couple of people over and we had some nice food and we chatted it was lovely to catch up with everyone as well plus having a couple of glasses of champagne helped the conversations keep flowing.

I posted my first tweet of the new year today having been off line for ages particularly over the christmas and new year period I’ve got some more ideas for posts now all I have to do is try and remember to write them down if I forget then I know they won’t get posted.

This is also my first new blog post of the new year as well which is very exciting of course but it’s kind of scary as I’m not sure whether I’m going to have more people reading my blog but I’ve got a few readers already which is amazing and it means I don’t have to just rely on people that I know reading my blog posts.

Hopefully I’ll remember to upload some more blog posts.





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