Meeting Irritations

Hey Everyone!!

Well I’ve kept up my promise to upload another blog post so fingers crossed I won’t forget and my blog posts don’t get uploaded, anyway the other day I was having a short meeting well I say meeting it was more of an informal discussion with a lecturer who shall remain nameless at my university where I’m studying my degree.

So it starts off fairly well and they seem to be grasping my second idea for my final portfolio which is to create a book publicity campaign for a fictional story that I had written and re-adjusted for a writing course that I did a few years ago.

Anyway I was clearly explaining to them how I was going to construct the idea and that I would like to explore the process of how publishers market books towards their target audiences.

At first they seemed to be on board with the idea but then they started talking about me making a documentary about the process of marketing a book but then of course I said that due to the equipment lenders being very difficult and restrictive about taking out cameras and returning them also the fact you have to rely on others to make sure the project is put together correctly, moreover the fact when you do have a problem with a larger project you often have to wait a long time for your course leader to reply to your email.

These factors combined would cause me unnecessary stress and anxiety as I clearly explained to them but they didn’t seem to take that on board even though I had explained to them that I wanted to put something into my portfolio or something that would contribute towards my portfolio that wouldn’t cause me unnecessary pressure, and that I would have a safety net in case there was a problem whether it was a general one or something more specifically related to the project.

It was just so frustrating because they didn’t seem to take anything that I was trying to say to them on board or even into consideration and the ironic thing was they said towards the end of the conversation (you can tell I’m getting bored of talking about this) they said I didn’t need to worry or get anxious because they were ‘here’ and that they understood because they’d read about me oh that’s great I feel so assured I’m a case study now am I?

That makes me feel so much better, I’m going to put the project together the way I want to anyway because I came up with the idea and there’s going to a lot more to it than just putting together a website and that’s it, because once I’ve started they’ll be a lot more going into the project.

Anyway I think to be on the safe side I might ask one of my friends to assist in helping me put together the project they wouldn’t have to do a lot just have a look at what I’d put together and say if I needed to make any improvements a bit like a marketing assistant if you will.

Hopefully that should prevent any interference from my lecturer but I’ll have to pick someone who doesn’t buy into all the crap that my lecturer always comes out with, plus they’ve got this really annoying habit of answering peoples queries with another question and I never really noticed that until yesterday.

In return I would help them with paperwork or marketing materials for their project so they wouldn’t just be doing me a favour I’d be helping them out as well.

I’ll have to get back to you once I’ve completed the project but hopefully I’ll remember to post another blog entry if I don’t forget of course.






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