Joys of my crazy life

Hey Everyone

Well so far I’ve kept this up as I’m sure you’ve all discovered from my latest blog post anyway it’s back to reality for me of course I’m still working away just trying to keep on top of things and restraining myself from having a nervous breakdown you know the usual stuff.

I’ve been off line for a little bit purely because I’ve been coming up with new ideas for blog posts also I was meant to upload a blog post last night but my lovely cousin came round to spend some time with me and I’d not seen her for a while so unfortunately I forgot but that’s ok it happens to everyone I guess.

So far today I’ve managed to be fairly organised but I’ve got a lot on my mind at the moment I won’t go into too much but my sisters mum is basically on the way out as she’s got cancer and I’ve been very emotional recently because I really care about my sister and I want her to have lots of good times in her life and not be having to go through something like this.

I’m just hoping that when it does ‘happen’ that my sisters mum goes peacefully and that my sister doesn’t have to receive an unexpected phone call in the middle of the night saying that it’s ‘happened’ I know we’ll get through it’s just the wondering and waiting that’s the awful part for myself and for my sister.

Anyway let’s not dwell on that too much otherwise I’ll have to stop typing and come back to this post instead another thing that’s happening on a more positive note is I’m going to be twenty one in May which is very exciting but also very scary at the same time because I really want it to go well I’m sure it will but you never know with these things especially where families concerned.

I’m looking forward to it and my sister’s going to come which is nice also my aunt and uncle on my sister’s side will be coming as well so it’ll be nice to see them and catch up on everyones news of course because nowadays everyone get’s so caught up in things that no-one has time to actually pick up the phone and talk to people plus mostly every things online which is good for myself obviously but not for everyone.

Anyway that’s what’s been happening so far in my crazy life,




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