Joys of Valentines Day

Hey Everyone

Well it’s been a little while since I put up a new blog post (damn my memory) anyway I’ve been very busy with ordering my dress for a start for my twenty first birthday it’s really nice and suits the occasion I showed it to my mum and she approved so that’s good but she’ll be the only one who’s seen it the rest of the people who have confirmed they’d like to come will have to wait I’m afraid and so will all of you I know I’m being a bit mean but I’ll upload a picture of the dress once the parties over.

In between coming up with new blog post ideas,I’ve also come across this new online magazine called Explore Pilates (it’s got a Facebook page as well) the whole idea of it is to target the eighteen to twenty five year old market and promote the exercise technique Pilates in the process it’s doing very well at the moment and has a few likes on it’s Facebook and WordPress accounts but if you my lovely readers could follow or like the posts that the online magazine puts up that would be really helpful, I’m already reading it myself when I can and it’s very good so check it out if you can.

Of course it’s Valentines Day today as many of you are probably aware of many of you I’m sure will be spending it with a loved one maybe a parent or close friend probably a girlfriend or boyfriend, as for myself though I’ll be curled up on the sofa probably watching Moulin Rouge which is probably the most romantic film to watch on Valentines Day plus it also fits the theme as the film is all about  the two main characters falling in love.


But whatever you decide to do my loyal followers have an amazing evening.




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