Second Day of Spring and Valentines Day



Hey Everyone!!

Well Valentines Day is officially over and the Second Day of Spring has started in case your wondering what I did for Valentines Day I ended up watching Moulin Rouge and even though I’ve seen it many times before I ended up crying again at the end (oh well never mind) anyway on the plus side spring is officially in the air the sunshine appears to be hanging around for a little while longer I’m secretly praying for a mini heat weave in February but sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen.

I’ve been racking my brains lately for blog post ideas but fortunately my writers block appears to be lifting which is good it’s properly down to the fact I’ve been helping post articles for Explore Pilates Magazine (have a read if you haven’t already) it’s an E and E project that one of my twitter followers is currently doing and as a blogger I said I would help them post articles for their online magazine, it seems to be going well so far hopefully they’ll do well once the projects over they’re ahead of a lot people actually in terms of their work so that’s a good thing.

Anyway aside from all that it was my nephew’s birthday yesterday sadly even though I planned to be there celebrating it with him and the rest of my extended family it wasn’t to be as my sister’s mum was really ill and my sister didn’t want to organise a big party if her mum couldn’t be there to celebrate with everyone which I can understand so my sister organised for my nephew and his friends to go to the cinema instead which all of them enjoyed and the other good thing was her mum was able to give my nephew his presents.

Although on a positive note my sister is going to come to my birthday in May along with some other extended family members so it’ll be lovely to see them all I’ve already got my dress it’s really nice and it’s perfect for the occasion as you could wear it during the day or for an evening out plus it’s really comfortable which is good because theres going to be a lot of food and drink around, I’ve been pretty sensible about what I’ve been eating lately because I really want to look nice in the dress I’m not dieting because they don’t work I’ve just been making sure that I eat three meals a day at least and only snack sparingly it appears to be working and I’m trying to keep moving throughout my day.

I’d better go for a walk and then get something to eat otherwise I’ll be sitting at my desk all day and that’s not good it’ll also mean that my keeping active plan would start to go out the window anyway I’ll be posting some more blog posts soon but I do have some emails to answer, once I’ve finished though I’ll post a few more blog posts.




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