Errands and Blog posts


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s officially Friday and like myself many of you are planning what to do over the weekend lately though I’ve been running a lot of errands partly because there aren’t always enough hours in the day to complete my blog posts but also because I need to make sure that I stick to my keeping active throughout the day routine.

So far I’ve managed to keep it up and it’s paid off actually which is good but tonight I’ll be ordering a takeaway and ¬†hopefully have a couple of friends over to watch a film that’s if myself or they remember that we arranged it last week, so unfortunately the eating sensibly part will go out the window tonight but that’s ok it’s Friday after all and once in while a little bit of indulgence doesn’t do you any harm everything in moderation that’s my mantra in life.

Anyway it’s very quite at the moment because I’m sitting in my lecture room typing this blog post and I’m the only one here!! it’s nice in away because I can actually get this post typed up but the uni really need to do something about attendance I’ve suggested to them in feedback surveys that they should have a ten to fifteen minute window for people to arrive to lecture and if they’re late after fifteen minutes for example then they have to wait until theres a break before they’re allowed into the lecture.

So far my feedback suggestions seem to have fallen on deaf ears or maybe they just don’t care as long as they’re getting the fees personally I’m more inclined to go with the second thing it’s sad really I know but I think thats how it is at the moment I’m hoping that when I go to drama school which I plan to do as soon as I’ve got a few short drama courses under my belt, that this trend won’t continue initially when I first applied to where I am at the moment I did think about doing a top up course so that I’d have another string to my bow but the attendance thing and the organisation in my current course being distinctly lacking it’s made up my mind for that I’m not going to stay here another year.


Which is really bad because it doesn’t say much for the course if people aren’t turning up at all I know there are people who work and that’s fine but if work is taking over your studies then it’s probably wiser to just focus on work rather than hold a place on a course that could be used by someone who will make the most of it.

But the good thing is that because it’s not very organised and the work load isn’t actually that big when you really break it down is that I’ve been able to keep this blog going and have more people reading it so the lack of organisation is the people who read my blog posts gain and it means that I can utilise my time effectively without sitting on Facebook or something like that.

Have a lovely weekend whatever your all planning to do,




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