Weekends Nearly Arrived


Hey Everyone,

Well Fridays here again and the weekends just around the corner and of course the summer break is coming to an end and of course the rush to work, school or college starts up again but at least the dark mornings don’t start until January so in the meantime theres christmas to look forward to which is nice so it’s not all bad.

Of course you all know what I’ll be getting up to during september so I’m looking forward to the signing lesson most of all because it’s something that I’ve never done before well not with a professional vocal coach but it should be exciting but I’ll also be taking part in a theatre showcase which I did before with my cousin at the end of september so that’s something new for you.

It should be fine and I’ll get to see my cousin which will be nice as I don’t get to see her that often I know during the summer that things get a bit hectic for her but I haven’t heard from her recently because I’d text her about going to my aunt and uncles apartment in west gate it turned out that she’d lost her phone so she was only able to communicate through Facebook but then apparently she doesn’t have a computer at her flat but then she should have a laptop though I’ll hear from her soon though sometimes you need to have a little bit of faith in people that’s always been my outlook.

Another thing that’s happened is my auntie who’s really irritating has now joined Facebook and she sent me a friend request of course I didn’t accept it I know what your all thinking but the woman is awful and only thinks about herself she’s so tight she doesn’t even travel anyway without trying to get a lift off one of my other relatives or going the cheapest way possible like when my cousin’s wife was having her twins my auntie decided to take the train and then a boat to Ireland which of course took her so long that she actually missed the birth but then that was probably a good thing really you wouldn’t want to see her if you weren’t looking half decent.

Anyway I’m going to eat something and then take a walk whilst the sunshine lasts then I’m hoping to meet up with some friends later hopefully one of them will get back to me otherwise I think I’ll watch a nice film and have takeaway.








Summer Holidays and Graduating

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you but never mind it must be all the excitement of the summer holidays which I’m sure most of you are making the most of while it lasts anyway I’ve finally graduated from university I know how exciting and scary is that it was lovely to see everyone and catch up on things as well chatting to people as well.

I’ve been doing some flyer design work for an old colleague that I used to do some work for and after many many changes they’re hopefully satisfied with what I’ve done I had an email saying they’d sent to their project partner for feedback so I’m assuming every things fine with the flyer.

It wasn’t an easy process because I hadn’t worked out how to edit something that’s already completed on photo shop yet so I had to start all over again with editing the image for the flyer but thankfully it didn’t take me ages as I’m a fairly fast typist and I’m able to edit images fairly quickly so I wasn’t taking up too much time or anything.

I’ve also signed up to an introduction to Stanislavsky course it’s twelve weeks and starts on 19th september and it’s every thursday from 10:30 until 13:15pm so that’s very exciting it was basically recommended to be because I auditioned for the one year drama foundation course, which unfortunately I didn’t get onto so I’m going to do the twelve week course first then I’ll sign up to the technical voice production course, that was also recommended then I’ll re-apply again and hopefully I should get onto the one year foundation course and then eventually fingers the two year professional acting diploma course at the end of that if I get onto it I’ll have an equity card.

I’ve recently joined a lovely adult drama and creative writing group which is on thursday evenings so I’m going to be very busy on thursdays from september the drama group is eleven weeks and then we put on a show at the end the last one was on the main stage of the theatre where I went to see the Rocky Horror Show which by the way was amazing I’ve even got a copy of the film on DVD and I’ve watched about five times!! It was very exciting but also a bit nerve racking but thankfully the audience we had liked it so that’s the main thing really the next one will be behind the main stage as the theatre will be running a pantomime into january that’s alright because at least the pressure will be off slightly I hope.

Another thing that I’ll be doing the day before my twelve week course starts is a vocal lesson with this vocal coach apparently I’ll have to see who’s been involved with TV talent shows and they also do singing holidays away in Barbados I’ve had email contact with them so far and they seem very professional I’ll only be travelling about five minutes from home which is handy so I’m not going to be travelling a great distance it’ll be on the wednesday in the afternoon from one pm until three pm and I’ll be paying £80 for the lesson which isn’t bad considering some vocal coaches would charge a lot more than that.

I’ve also been applying for work as well not that I don’t love doing this blog because I do but I know eventually my student loan is going to run out and I’m using that at the moment but hopefully something will come out my endless applying for things it’s just a matter of being patient really because if my uncle who is certified crazy can get a job so can I so I’m sure I’m getting my knickers in twist over nothing that’s the problem with graduating in the summer I mean it’s nice because obviously you can enjoy the sunshine and do lots of lovely things but at the same time I think anyway because things are quieter in companies your less likely to a response.

Oh well anyway let’s talk about one last actually two nice things that have happened one is that my cousin sean who got married in Ireland his wife has had twin boys which is lovely I’m sure I’ll get to meet them soon and my other cousin who’s married already and has one daughter his wife had another baby a boy this time and they’re going to have a christening for him on the 8th september which is a sunday so that’ll be lovely and I’ll get to meet him as well, and my sister wants to have  a party for her 40th birthday next year hopefully I’ll see her before christmas unfortunately her mum passed away before I graduated just after I turned twenty one  at the beginning of June so that wasn’t very nice but at least she gave her mum a nice send off and I sent her a lovely card it was a very emotional time because I’m very close to my sister and even though I knew it was coming I didn’t expect to happen just after my birthday month.

Anyway the important thing is that she’s able to start having a life again because it was on hold for about five years really on and off and of course if your very close to someone you have a bond that means if they are going through something horrible you feel their emotional pain as well, thankfully I’ve had my drama group to channel my emotions into as an outlet and my uni friends were really good as well just knowing that I could talk to them if I needed to was a really comfort.

I’m going to eat something, sort myself out and then go for a walk otherwise I’ll be typing away and it’ll be close to five pm if I’m not careful that’s only happened to me once I got bored after doing a uni assignment so I decided to type a blog post for a little while and the next thing I knew it was close to dinner time before I’d finished.