Weekends Nearly Arrived


Hey Everyone,

Well Fridays here again and the weekends just around the corner and of course the summer break is coming to an end and of course the rush to work, school or college starts up again but at least the dark mornings don’t start until January so in the meantime theres christmas to look forward to which is nice so it’s not all bad.

Of course you all know what I’ll be getting up to during september so I’m looking forward to the signing lesson most of all because it’s something that I’ve never done before well not with a professional vocal coach but it should be exciting but I’ll also be taking part in a theatre showcase which I did before with my cousin at the end of september so that’s something new for you.

It should be fine and I’ll get to see my cousin which will be nice as I don’t get to see her that often I know during the summer that things get a bit hectic for her but I haven’t heard from her recently because I’d text her about going to my aunt and uncles apartment in west gate it turned out that she’d lost her phone so she was only able to communicate through Facebook but then apparently she doesn’t have a computer at her flat but then she should have a laptop though I’ll hear from her soon though sometimes you need to have a little bit of faith in people that’s always been my outlook.

Another thing that’s happened is my auntie who’s really irritating has now joined Facebook and she sent me a friend request of course I didn’t accept it I know what your all thinking but the woman is awful and only thinks about herself she’s so tight she doesn’t even travel anyway without trying to get a lift off one of my other relatives or going the cheapest way possible like when my cousin’s wife was having her twins my auntie decided to take the train and then a boat to Ireland which of course took her so long that she actually missed the birth but then that was probably a good thing really you wouldn’t want to see her if you weren’t looking half decent.

Anyway I’m going to eat something and then take a walk whilst the sunshine lasts then I’m hoping to meet up with some friends later hopefully one of them will get back to me otherwise I think I’ll watch a nice film and have takeaway.








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