Family Christening and Birthday Vouchers


Hey Everyone,

Well Monday’s come around again I’ve been brainstorming ideas as well as applying for more jobs which is what I was doing last week but I had a very productive day today and then of course on Wednesday I’ll be going to my vocal lesson with the professional vocal coach in the afternoon plus my twelve week Stanislavsky course starts on Thursday and my drama group starts back in the evening it’ll be lovely to see everyone and it’s going to be very exciting to start a new course even if it is for twelve weeks.

Just in case you were all wondering the christening I went to the week before last went very well and it was lovely to see my cousin who I’m going to be doing the theatre showcase with I ended up wearing the dress that I wore to my cousins brothers wedding but I looked suitably stylish and I managed to have my hair cut and coloured in time for the event (not bad hey), but the only downside was that my another auntie of mine had rang the night before on the saturday saying that she wanted to travel up with my mum and myself so we said that was fine, anyway she sends this text message saying that my her daughter and her daughters boyfriend were practically leaving for the christening and they were all going to get breakfast in town I wasn’t really surprised but it was annoying that she didn’t have the courtesy to ring us that’s her decision I guess.

But at least I’m not having to bump into her everyday can you imagine how awkward that would be, I suppose that’s the advantage of being a blogger it means that you can either hideaway in a cafe for a while or type up your blog post at home first and then go for a nice walk somewhere anyway I’m also going to be heading off to a lovely spa on Friday in the afternoon so that’ll be nice it’s another birthday voucher that I didn’t realise I had but at least it’s still valid so I’m going to go with my mum she needs it by the sounds of it the amount of Pilates classes she’s been teaching I’ll definitely need it after Thursday I can tell you.

Well I’m going to check my emails and twitter feed before pre-heating my oven so I can make dinner.

I’ll be posting some more new entries hopefully this week if not I’ll try and put them up over the weekend.











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