Stanislavsky Course and Spa Experience


Hey Everyone,

Well Mondays here again and it’s the start of another interesting week for many of you I’m sure anyway I’ve started my Stanislavsky course and it’s going well so far I had to read this essay about inner impulses and inner actions I also wrote over most of it mainly to show I’ve got some interest in what the essay is talking about no I’m joking I found it very insightful reading the course is also very interesting so I’ll see how it all turns out.

As many of you may or may not know I went to the crystal palace spa in London last Friday it was a bit tricky to find I have to say because it wasn’t obvious as to where exactly it was located even though myself and my mum who I went with were following the directions from those map stands that are often in busy London areas the treatment itself was fine I did feel a bit like an oven door as they scrubbed your body first before using a soap in order to cleanse and clean the skin which is basically in a nutshell what a Hamman treatment is.

Initially I had reservations as I was a bit taken aback when we were greeted by these two lines of beauty therapists I remember thinking I know I said I wanted to be in the Rocky Horror Show but I didn’t mean I wanted to be in it late on a Friday afternoon and we had to go downstairs underneath where they had hair and nail treatments going on so that was a bit odd but on balance it was fine I mean it was a Group-on voucher thing so at least we weren’t having to pay full price or anything I’m pretty reluctant to say that I would go back but myself and my mum are planning to go to the Sanctuary in London so I’m sure we’ll both love that.

My evening drama group’s started back it was on the same day as my Stanislavsky course so Thursdays are going to be very busy for me at least for a while but my Stanislavsky course finishes on 5th December but my evening drama class finishes on 12th December so it’s a bit longer in terms of time and everything the only thing that I’m having reservations about is the fourth week of my Stanislavsky course we’ll be doing emotional work and that also means we’ll have to cry in front of each other I’m assuming but the thing is if I’m genuinely upset then I’ll either wait until I get home before I start crying or I’ll carry on with my day and then later on when I get home I’ll let out the tears but I’ll have to cross that bridge when I come to it otherwise if I can’t then I’ll be known as the ‘dead inside’ girl who can’t evoke emotions to cry at will if required.


Anyway I’m sure it’ll be fine if necessary I’ll just have to say that it’s something I find hard to do but I’m sure my tutor on the course will be able to help me with that he seems very nice and very passionate about what he’s teaching which is nice because you don’t get many teachers who are like that well maybe one or two but then tend to be very rare and also because they’re really good they often get snapped up by another school so they don’t often stay for very long either.


I’ll be posting some new blog posts throughout the week so keep reading and thanks to everyone who is bearing with me and following me on Twitter as well.
















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