Informal Showing Debut and Errands


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Monday and another week has started plus it’s raining today but never mind hopefully it’ll brighten up by the weekend, anyway my informal showing which was last week actually went really well everyone liked the wig that I’d picked for my character I did my make up before hand and organised everything I needed throughout my day, I did have to take my cat to the vets for a re-check appointment and re-start his vaccine course again he’s had one so it’s just the second vaccine that’s he’s got to have that’ll be in about four weeks time for his booster shot but that was the only major thing that I had to do.

Anyhow I left on the day leaving plenty of time for me to get to my showing I was on time as usual I even managed to eat something before hand which was a good sign of course when people arrived later on myself and everybody else were really nervous initially, but once we got going it was fine people seemed to respond to what we had put together it’s hard to know even when you do something that people are familiar with whether they will actually respond, to it or not that’s the frightening thing about doing anything involving comedy or tragedy sometimes both as you have to get the balance right between getting the story across without ‘hamming it up’.

The only off putting thing about it was that my mum decided to sit in the front row of our little audience which is fine in a larger space but in a more intimate space it’s a bit distracting but I don’t mind at least she liked it and she got to meet my drama teacher as well, who according to my mum is the most enthusiastic person she’s ever met I’ll take that as a compliment I think, personally I love people with that type of personality but of course it’s not for everyone.

Moving slightly over the weekend I did some food shopping with my mum and she lost thirty pounds in the supermarket so that was a bit of a drama, that reminds me actually I must go and get some bread in a bit that’s if the virgin media people turn up, they’re meant to be coming between twelve and four pm but of course like most utility companies they never give you an exact time and the trouble is the minute you go out to run an errand, that’s when they decide to turn up so you have to then head all the way back home to let them in basically the landlines down again it’s along story I’ll tell you all another time otherwise I’ll be sitting here all day.








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