Fairly Busy Week and Volunteer Interview Result


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Friday and the weekends nearly here but unfortunately it looks like the weather isn’t very good but never mind hopefully there might be some sunshine next week, anyhow I’ve been fairly busy this week actually because on Monday I had the virgin media people coming to fix the landline again it’s working now so that’s good let’s hope it doesn’t break again, then on Tuesday I went to this drama class for this community project near to where I live and sadly I didn’t like it at all, which is really weird for me because I’m somebody who loves drama but this one just wasn’t the right fit for me but never mind I’ve still got my Thursday evening group.

Anyway on Thursday I went for an interview with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for their volunteer admin support role it went really well and I heard back from them today and I’ve actually got it!! I’m really pleased they liked me it’s a three day a week commitment, and I start next week on Tuesday I’m looking forward to it it’ll be nice to be an office environment again, even though it’s just for a while but hopefully this should lead to something else, at least I’ll be able to fit in other things for the time being plus they have dogs and cats come into the office which is just an added bonus really it was also a requirement for the role as well.

Weekend plan wise I’m not really sure what I’m going to do I might order my dress for my sisters wedding which is something I need to do and then maybe spend time with some friends but either way I’m sure I’ll do something to celebrate my new volunteer job, in terms of people that I’ve told so far I’ve text my cousin who I bumped into yesterday when I went for my interview, my mum who is on holiday at the moment and is flying to the turkish coast tomorrow, and my auntie who is in cornwall, all of whom have come back to me by text message and I spoke to my mum as well.

Anyway I better head off now otherwise I’ll spend half the evening on my laptop I’ll be posting the link to this post on my twitter feed as well.






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