Weekends Nearly Here and Conversations


Hey Everyone,

Well the weekends nearly here and like many of you I’m already thinking about how to make the most it before the Monday morning rush arrives, it’s so hard I think to plan out what to do over two days because one there are never enough hours in the day and two trying to cramp everything in over two days is virtually impossible.

Anyway two days or not I’m planning to make the most of it and hopefully spend time with some friends who I haven’t seen in ages so it’ll be nice to catch up and find out what’s been going on in their lives it’ll also be nice to actually have a conversation with them that’s if I can meet up with them face to face because I think nowadays even though technology means we can keep in touch with people the face to face conversation seems to have died a death because every things communicated by text message or email.

It’s strange really there are actually people who write books about the Art of Conversation but I think that must be really hard because you could only talk about the body language side of it rather than the actual verbal side of conversation because to talk about the verbal aspect you’d have to talk to someone face to face to get any material personally I think it’s better to actually pick something that people are interested in like Sex or Murder for example because at least you’d be able to get a good plot line going and the story would just progress from there, mind you I’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey and well in all honesty it really was awful and in places quite badly written as well, I know there are people who liked it but for me there really wasn’t anything erotic about that book.

Never mind maybe I’m just being cynical and there really was some deep meaning going on that I just didn’t pick up when I read the book, it’s not the only time that this happened to me the most recent occasion was when I went to see Life of Pi I didn’t get that film either maybe I’m just used to being spoon fed but then it can’t be that because if was surely I wouldn’t have understood anything about the film oh well the juries out on that one I suppose.

Happy Friday Everyone and have a lovely weekend whatever your plans are.