Dress Rehearsal and Beckenham Theatre Centre Update

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been away for too long I know it’s just really hard to consistently come up interesting blog posts all the time so my attention wavers but don’t worry I’ve got some really exciting things to tell you all about well fairly exciting in my book.

The first thing is that I finally heard back from Beckenham theatre centre!! First of all to say that my application forms had been received and the second time to say that I am now officially a confirmed member for the next twelve months which is fantastic, so once I’ve got my show for my drama group out the way for this term, my sisters wedding out the way and my re-audition for the one year drama foundation course over at City Lit in Holborn you guessed it!! out the way then I can start having a look at ┬áthe publicity that the theatre centre send me by email and post as well to see which auditions I could attend and hopefully plays I could participate in as well, I should hopefully be able to fit it my time there around my drama group but as long as I’m upfront with them which I would be that shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyhow the next thing that I’m going to tell is that I’ve got my dress rehearsal for my play with my drama group tonight our performance is on the main stage at the Churchill Theatre this Sunday ahhh!! (scary thought isn’t it?) It’s funny really when your rehearsing something the performance date always seems along way away but sadly it comes round and everyones slightly panicking well not too much this time it’s more us going for it rather than being embarrassed, as the play is all about being over the top and a bit crazy initially I had that slight reservation as well, because when I initially started my formal training at eighteen (that was many years ago now, oh my god I’ve just aged!!) it was all about being the moment and having a clear intention, then later on when I did my introduction to Stanislavsky course, it was again all about exploring the character and immersing yourself within the situation that you were being provided with.

Hopefully when we do the performance on the main stage the audience will like it the last time I thought oh my god!! why is nobody laughing? But then they started to so that was a relief I’m not sure if we’re going to be second on like we were the last time or towards the end because there’s the other groups as well who are also participating, so I’ll have to see really the dress rehearsal will give us a chance though to fully run the show from top to bottom and then see if anything needs to be ironed out further in the last rehearsal we had it was people saying the lines and everything but then walking off ‘out of character,’ but that shouldn’t be an issue tonight but the main thing was that we need to go for it and make sure the revelations scene wasn’t too slow.

On top of writing and re-writing the scripts for the second and fourth scenes for my play on Sunday I’ve also been learning an audition monologue for my re-audition it’s within the two minute time limit which is good plus I just read it and timed using the timer on my phone it’s out of this monologue book that I’ve got which has got lots of different ones in it and my piece is called Shopping and Fucking by this playwright called Mark Raven hill, I went over it again this week and initially I thought I’m going to have to start from scratch again but once I went through my visualisation exercise, that I picked up from my introduction to Stanislavsky course it actually turned out a lot better that I’d expected so now it’s just making sure that I stay as relaxed and as calm as possible, also that I don’t go over the piece too many times because it’s like when you’ve made a really nice curry and you’ve flavoured it to how you want it but then you keep adding too many different flavours chances are it’s going to taste horrible.

So I just have to make sure that I don’t over work the piece too much because otherwise all the work that I put into making sound and feel as dramatically natural as possible will go to waste and it will just sound like me reciting something as opposed to really connecting with the words and the character reciting the piece instead, it’s hard because naturally you want to consistently rehearse something over and over again but actually it’s harder to step away from it, leave it alone, and then come back to it.

Anyway I’d better go and eating something now otherwise I’ll be sitting here all day and end up being late to my dress rehearsal tonight which would not be good at all.