Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners and Duvet Set Shopping

Hey Everyone!!

Well Februarys officially slowing down and the third day of spring is like a distant memory anyway aside from the weather stuff, last night I watched Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners on Channel4 I’ve been watching it for a little while now and it’s actually ok on balance you’d think that a show about people who can’t stop cleaning every five minutes would be really boring but it’s ended up growing on me (this is what winters reduced me to hibernation).

Anyway as a result I’ve suddenly had the urge to go and buy some new duvet sets partly because on the programme the bedding looks really nice after the people who hasn’t cleaned for years bedrooms have been throughly de-cluttered and it’s made me look at my bedding and think it looks really drab and a little bit out dated, (it’s official I’m getting old) I’m not looking for anything too drastic but maybe a duvet set that’s got a set pattern on it like hearts or something like that.

I’m going to move on now before I start talking about wanting to bake cakes or something along those lines (shock horror) anyhow my blog posting has been fairly consistent as I’ve put up ten posts so far and this one will be number eleven its nice to know that I’ve managed to keep my main new years resolution (god that seems such along time ago now) but then before you know it’ll be new years again scary thought and the really scary thing is that I’d have graduated from uni by then hopefully I’ll be working fingers crossed but then if my best friend how graduated recently from uni before me if she’s managed to get something then it can’t be that difficult.

I’ve got to head off now I’ve been really bad I’ve just been stuck inside pretty much all day but I did manage to go out over lunchtime which was good if I haven’t already said it I’d very quickly like to Thank all those fellow bloggers out there for liking and following my blog you have all been amazing.