Blogging Away and Another Busy Week


Hey Everyone,

Well we’re nearly half way through the week and the weekend seems to be getting ever closer it’s funny really all of a sudden it gets to Friday and you sometimes wonder where the weeks gone but that’s probably a good thing as theres nothing worse than a slow week that just drags on and on.

So far I’ve managed to keep up my blog post production going there’s thirteen of them at the moment at least my new years resolution of keeping up with my blog posts has stuck mind you my resolution of walking a bit more and keeping active throughout my day has stuck so it’s not all bad news I suppose.

I’ve been helping to promote Explore Pilates Magazine a lot recently for one of my twitter followers, so I’ve been slightly neglecting you all but I’m all yours now so theres no need to send out an online search party (lol!!) anyway it was really useful for me because I got to explore the process of marketing a magazine and using social media as an additional promotional tool as well as the completed website.

Anyway aside from promoting the Pilates Magazine I’ve also been trying to keep up with my social circle I managed to see a couple of them last weekend for lunch which was really nice and it was lovely to hear what they’d all been up to recently.

I’ll be posting more blog posts very soon,