Easter Holidays and Birthday Plans


Hey Everyone!!

Well the Easter Holidays have either started or in my case are officially over but it’s not all bad though because now I can get back to blogging away about my interesting but sometimes random life.

I had a nice Easter Break just catching up with friends and seeing family as well as going to look at the room that’s been hired out at the hotel for my twenty first birthday it was a good size and should fit twenty seven people but I’m thinking that I’ll probably end up with twenty five but that’s alright also my sister will be in attendance so that will be lovely and she’s really looking forward to coming.

Another not so exciting thing that I did over Easter was tidying up at home and doing lots of laundry it’s not very exciting stuff but the trouble is that if it’s not done then before I know it the washing’s all piled up along with the washing up as well but I’ve not had to do that a lot because I’ve been making lots of nice dinners at home so it gives me one less thing to worry about.

I still haven’t found a nice pair of shoes yet to go with my dress for my birthday I have looked at shoes and they were really nice but the trouble is knowing me by the time my birthday comes around my shoe size might have gone up also I need to buy shoes that I’m not going to be tempted to wear before my birthday hopefully I’ll be able to find some I’m sure I will do.

I watched the last episode of Heading Out I think it was a few weeks ago now if you haven’t seen it then catch it on BBC iPlayer it’s really good and the last episode was really funny I was actually in stitches I won’t give away the ending but those who have seen it will know how it ended it was really surprising but in a good way not as in a really obvious ironic sort of way.

I’ll be posting some more blog posts soon and I’ll also be tweeting about this post once I’ve uploaded it if your not following me on twitter please do I’d love to have some lovely new followers.




New Tuesday Night Sitcom-Heading Out


Hey Everyone,

Well its official my Tuesday nights are no longer dull and tedious I watched this new sitcom last night called Heading Out written by Sue Perkins it’s all based around a vets surgery as well as exploring issues such as turning forty for the first time and coming to terms with your sexual identity.

It’s really funny and very well written the first episode was last night so if you haven’t already seen it I’d recommend that you check it out on BBC iPlayer, I’m promoting it because I was actually asked to watch it by a friend of mine who’d seen promotional clips on YouTube and wanted to know what I thought of it well as a viewer I genuinely enjoyed watching it and as a blogger I’m happy to promote it to all my readers.

So I can safely say that Tuesdays will no longer be dull television viewing for me at least for a while anyway while it’s still being shown at the moment, I hope that more episodes get commissioned but it just depends on how many people actually watch the sitcom but I’m sure a good number of people did tune into BBC Two last night so that’s something I suppose.

Whatever the outcome I’m sure they’ll be a steady audience for the show at least but if your a sitcom fan like myself and enjoy shows that are well written then I’d recommend that you give this new sitcom a go while it’s being shown on screens.