Vocal Lesson and Random Weeks


Hey Everyone,

Well as promised I’m posting another insightful blog post for you all to read of course I went along for my vocal lesson today and it was fantastic I had a very creative afternoon I have to say plus I came away with a lovely recording of me singing a cover of In Case by Demi Lovato it’s actually the first time I’ve heard a professional recording of myself singing because I’ve tried to record myself before on previous phones that I’ve had but obviously there not as good as having proper recording equipment.

Anyway I’ll be starting my introduction to Stanislavsky course which is very exciting and then going to my drama group in the evening ¬†hopefully the tube will be working alright and there won’t be any delays that mean I’m having to wait around for ages but I’m sure it’ll be fine I’m also hoping that I won’t have to wait too long for my bus into Bromley for my drama group but if I leave on time which I always make sure I do that should minimise any problems transport wise and then on Friday I’ll be going to the Crystal Palace Spa in London at four pm so that’ll be nice I haven’t done anything like going to a nice spa for ages so I’m looking forward to it.

I’ve also ordered a new dress from boohoo.com I know what your all thinking but it was only six pounds so at least I could afford it that should arrive by Friday they’re usually pretty good because I ordered a dress from them for my birthday and that came in time so fingers crossed it arrives in one piece and the correct size no I’m sure it’ll be fine I’m just being paranoid.

Then of course at the end of the month I’ll be taking part in the theatre showcase with my cousin which is very exciting at least I’ve been to the venue before so I know what to expect I just need to refresh my memory about how to get there but it’s not that difficult it’s just a matter of taking the correct route and not going round the houses because one of the ways you can get there is by overground and then by tube which is fine but obviously takes a little bit longer than just getting an overground and changing so that your only going a few stops on the tube I’ll work it out I’m sure.

Anyway I’m going to have a quick snack and then start thinking about what I’m going to cook for dinner.