Start of Another Random Week


Hey Everyone,

As usual Monday’s here again but at least the summer break isn’t quite over yet so that’s a good thing well for the people who are still on holiday it is, anyway enough about that the weekend wasn’t too bad actually and yes just in case your wondering I did order a takeaway on Friday but I didn’t watch a film because I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to watch but the programmes on TV were ok so that made up for my indecisiveness then saturday was actually quite a busy day for me it was still relaxing though I went for a lovely walk in a very nice park which is fairly near by with a couple of friends then we had a lovely lunch together and then decided to walk around the gardens of the picture gallery which was opposite the park, I was so tired when I got home after all that walking that I didn’t wake up from my afternoon power nap until five.

Then later on in the evening I watched my DVD of the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the sixth time I don’t know what it is there’s something about that film that makes you want to see it again even though you’ve seen it hundreds of times before I suppose it’s the same scenario with the play because that can get quite addictive especially if it’s being put on at a theatre near to where you live.

Anyway speaking of plays I went to see Sweet Bird of Youth at the Old Vic theatre up in Waterloo with a friend of mine who I hadn’t seen for a while it was nice to catch up actually it was fantastic to watch and the setting of the play was just right because you felt as though you were part of the scenes being played out on stage plus I got to watch Kim Cattrall for three hours and as I’m a huge Sex and the City fan that was just an added bonus plus I’ve never actually seen someone famous in a theatre production before so that was even more exciting.

Moving on from the excitement of theatre I’ve been applying for more jobs by the way I applied for four more last Friday bringing my total up to fifteen unfortunately one of the jobs that I was quite keen on I didn’t get but at least they had the courtesy to reply to me and I know that they’ll keep my CV on file for six months so hopefully something else will come up who knows really it’s just a matter of being patient I think and getting your CV out there that’s the main thing I think.

But I’m looking forward to the christening though this weekend on Sunday it’ll be my second one as the first one was for my cousins daughter I’m still trying to think of what to get their son for a christening present but I’m sure I’ll come up with something I’m not even sure what I’m going to wear actually I’ll have to have a look and see what I’ve got otherwise it could be a perfect excuse for me to go shopping!! if not online shopping even though I shouldn’t but I’m sure I’ll look suitably stylish at any rate whatever the outcome.

Anyway I’m going to head off now and make dinner I’ll be posting some more entries throughout the week so keep reading.