Drama Group Tonight and Weekend Plans


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Thursday and the weekends nearly within sight and of course the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to improve well at least for today it’s meant to on Friday apparently so hopefully we’ll get some sunshine for the weekend.

Elsewhere in my crazy random life I’m going to my evening drama group tonight it’ll be lovely to see everyone again as I missed it last week due to a personal matter I did miss it as I really love going to the group and I did wonder if I should’ve maybe gone a bit later but it was definitely the right decision in that situation for me not to go.

Anyway tomorrow I’ll be meeting with the volunteer people so hopefully that might come to something otherwise it’s a good reference point to give me some ideas about the areas that I’d like to volunteer and maybe work in it’s also the day that I’ll hear about the supermarket job interview that I went for fingers crossed so who knows I’m just keeping an open mind about it really at the end of the day it ‘s good experience.

Weekend wise I’m not sure what I’ll be doing on Saturday but I’m sure I’ll end up doing something I always do then I’ll be going to my voice course on Sunday which I also missed last week because the transport system where I live was up the creek so it would have been a complete nightmare to get up there and get back home again it was nice to relax and have a quiet Sunday but hopefully fingers crossed the transport system won’t be too bad I’ll look up my route for Sunday either later today, tomorrow, or Saturday so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

In a strange way it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of my voice class got on I’ll be intrigued to hear about what they covered last week I’m sure I’ll be brought up to speed either way it’ll also be interesting to see what they think of the tutor after the second week because she’s very theatrical and I personally love people like that because I’m a creative person but I know that not everyone gets on with people who are theatrical as they can only take them in small doses but it’s hard to tell as it’ll be finishing soon.

But knowing me though going back to Saturday night very quickly knowing me I’ll probably either end up watching a film or watching my Sex and City box set which I’ve got back into recently in away I kind of relate to the character ‘Carrie’ as she writes a column and I write a blog I also find it really entertaining and funny as well especially the episode where the character ‘Samantha’ gets really drunk at a couples party that her, ‘Carrie’ and the other character ‘Charlotte’ attend.

Anyhow I’m going to head off now otherwise I’ll be sitting here all day and before I know it’ll be five o’clock and the whole day would’ve gone plus I’ll be late for my drama group tonight and I’ll be in a major rush to get there.