Sunshine and Informal Showing Rehearsals


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Tuesday and it seems as if summer has come early fingers crossed it will last for the rest of the week that would be lovely particularly as some of you may or may not know, I have my informal showing this Thursday ahhh!! It will only be a small audience of about thirteen people so that’s not too bad but of course I’m nervous it’ll be fine though I’m sure.

I’ve even got a fantastic wig for my character I’ve chosen an item of clothing, a couple of props, and shoes for the character already but I think the wig will really add something, plus when I’ve put make up on and I’ve put the wig on with the two together I look completely different, which is the point obviously I’m really excited though I can’t wait to show it the audience I think my other cast members will like the wig as well.


Anyway I had a lovely busy weekend with my mum as it was mothers day on Sunday, we went out on Saturday for dinner just locally it was a great evening but unfortunately when I ordered the food for the two of us the person behind the till didn’t put it on the ticket to be put through to the kitchen but never mind we ended up getting the second meal for free result!!, Sunday was an earlier start as I went along to my mums exercise class it was only for an hour, then we headed off to brixton, got something to eat, and of course I got my wig from a fantastic wig shop and the lady was really helpful so if I need to use the shop again I’ll definitely try and go back there.

Moving slightly I had to take my cat to the vets for the first time my mum very kindly came with me he was fine and didn’t make too much of a fuss when we were actually in the vets office but he did in the car never mind but vets are definitely not feeling the pinch it cost my mum a hundred and nine pound just for two injections!! We’d only been in the vets office for twenty minutes at the most, one was a steroid injection and the other was an antibiotic injection as my cat unfortunately had scratched an area on his back leg and licked it until it was very red we’re going back there on Thursday actually it’s got a lot better so fingers crossed there won’t be anymore injections or whatever to pay out for.

I’m sure it’ll be fine mind you the vet was very nice well you would be if we’re being paid all that money lol!! no I’m joking I couldn’t be a vet though because if an animal was really ill and it had cancer I would ┬ábe really upset or if an animal had to be put down I’d be really upset then as well I think it must be very difficult having to make decisions like that but I suppose it’s better than the animal suffering anymore than they have to.

Anyhow enough about that I still haven’t brought my outfit for my sisters wedding yet I’ve got two dresses in mind for the occasion from the same site that I got my dress for my birthday I’m sure I’ll pick one then I’ll have to think about how I’ll be doing my make up and hair of course I’m sure I’ll look particularly fantastic.