Easter Bank Holiday and Volunteer Opportunity Interview


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Friday and the start of the easter bank holiday (yay!!) plus the weathers nice as well which helps and it gives you an excuse to eat lots of chocolate easter eggs, I’m trying to be good though because  so if I do have any chocolate in whatever form it takes, I’ll have to make sure that I don’t have too much otherwise I’ll go up another denim shorts and jeans size.

Anyhow I’ve been applying for some more paid and voluntary work so far I’ve had confirmation emails saying my application has been received, and one email from a paid job saying that I wasn’t suitable for the position but I’ve had one result though it’s for a volunteer administration position, at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home the interview is next week on 24th so fingers crossed I’ll get it.

It would be great experience and I could fit my acting training around it as well as my blog posting plus I’m a bit of an animal lover as you’ve probably gathered from the fact I have a cat maybe that swung it for me who knows? Either way it’s lovely to have a bit of a boost I’ve looked up how to get there and it seems fairly straight forward, I’ll try and head up there later on if I can depending how efficient the engineer from british gas is at fixing the toilet system in my bathroom.

Moving swiftly on I haven’t heard anything back from this theatre company in Beckenham, I’ll look up on their website and see if theres an email I can contact hopefully I might get some joy I suspect it might be because it’s the easter holidays, and a lot of theatres have performances running so fingers crossed I’ll hear from them soon I’m sure I will I left an email address for them on the membership forms that I filled out so I’m it’ll be fine.

Easter Holiday plan wise, I’ve not really thought about it I might try and catch up with some friends if their around over the weekend depending on what their doing of course, that’s the trouble it’s really hard to try and get everyone in the same place without something cropping up for either yourself or somebody else, I’m sure I’ll do something even if it’s going for a nice walk or something it’ll be nice to have a long weekend just to enjoy it for once without it being over so quickly.

I’m looking forward to it though but I’ll miss going to my drama group when it returns and 1st may as well because although I’ll be able to get there it’s finding someone to collect me afterwards of course if I had a helpful auntie then I’d have no problems asking if she could collect me afterwards I could go for an hour but there’s no point in me trekking over to Bromley just to go for an hour, so sadly I’ll have to miss a couple of days.

But never mind I’ll survive but I’ll be going along to this performing arts project with this charity in Lewisham, it starts in the same week as my interview for the volunteer admin position I’m in slight in trepidation about it because although I think the people who run it are nice, because I have anxiety issues, I just don’t feel it’s an appropriate charity for me to be involved with as a participant hopefully if I get this volunteer thing then I won’t have to be involved in their performing arts project the whole time I’m sure I’ll be fine at the interview for it but I’ll just have to try and be as calm as possible on the day.


Anyway I’m going to head off now and enjoy the afternoon sunshine while it lasts I’ll let you all know how the volunteer admin interview goes for battersea dogs and cats home and I’ll posting the link to this new post on my twitter feed.





Informal Showing Debut and Errands


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Monday and another week has started plus it’s raining today but never mind hopefully it’ll brighten up by the weekend, anyway my informal showing which was last week actually went really well everyone liked the wig that I’d picked for my character I did my make up before hand and organised everything I needed throughout my day, I did have to take my cat to the vets for a re-check appointment and re-start his vaccine course again he’s had one so it’s just the second vaccine that’s he’s got to have that’ll be in about four weeks time for his booster shot but that was the only major thing that I had to do.

Anyhow I left on the day leaving plenty of time for me to get to my showing I was on time as usual I even managed to eat something before hand which was a good sign of course when people arrived later on myself and everybody else were really nervous initially, but once we got going it was fine people seemed to respond to what we had put together it’s hard to know even when you do something that people are familiar with whether they will actually respond, to it or not that’s the frightening thing about doing anything involving comedy or tragedy sometimes both as you have to get the balance right between getting the story across without ‘hamming it up’.

The only off putting thing about it was that my mum decided to sit in the front row of our little audience which is fine in a larger space but in a more intimate space it’s a bit distracting but I don’t mind at least she liked it and she got to meet my drama teacher as well, who according to my mum is the most enthusiastic person she’s ever met I’ll take that as a compliment I think, personally I love people with that type of personality but of course it’s not for everyone.

Moving slightly over the weekend I did some food shopping with my mum and she lost thirty pounds in the supermarket so that was a bit of a drama, that reminds me actually I must go and get some bread in a bit that’s if the virgin media people turn up, they’re meant to be coming between twelve and four pm but of course like most utility companies they never give you an exact time and the trouble is the minute you go out to run an errand, that’s when they decide to turn up so you have to then head all the way back home to let them in basically the landlines down again it’s along story I’ll tell you all another time otherwise I’ll be sitting here all day.







Informal Showing Tomorrow


Hey Everyone,

Well its Wednesday and we’ve officially reached the middle of the week yay!! Anyway as many of you may know or if you don’t what have you been doing? I’ve got my informal showing tomorrow and of course being the excitable yet over prepared soul that I am the temptation to go and look at my monologue piece is getting worse, but like most of you will know that revising or even learning a monologue the night before a play or exam is not a good idea because however good the intentions are, the chances of you panicking during the exam or freezing on stage are well let’s just say incredibly high.

At least in my case I’ll have some time before the informal showing gets underway to actually go over anything that I’m not sure about and smooth out any queues that I need to go over before hand ,that’s that advantage I think with being involved in acting, because you have some time before to iron out anything that might be a possible barrier to you giving a good performance.

Once I get on stage or whatever environment that I’m performing in the adrenaline just takes over and I just go onto automatic pilot mode whatever happening in my life or whatever has happened before hand that just all melts away, and I just focus on what I’m doing in that particular moment or scene that’s always been something that I have been able to pick up naturally but training has definitely helped to improve that.

Moving on slightly I’ve also got to take my cat again to the vet for a re-check as if I haven’t been nervous enough about the informal showing, fingers crossed there’s no more injections I don’t think so as the wound on his leg has really healed nicely and it’s looking a lot better, it’s just irritating when you have to go back because there’s another problem that’s arisen, but I don’t think that’s likely to happen I know my cat will have to go back for his course of injections again, but I think I’ll book the appointments separately so that I can spread the cost a bit more evenly.

Anyhow at least it’s not anything more serious so that’s the main thing, I still haven’t ordered my outfit for my sisters wedding I’ll try and get onto that otherwise before I know it it’ll be July, and I won’t have any time to order the outfit that I want, that’s the thing about weddings they seem to have become unofficial fashion contests because people really seem to go over the top with fascinators and really high heels it’s like it’s the one time of the year when theres and all out fashion war, between the female guests at the wedding.

All the while they’re judging each and every female apart from the bride, who walks past them or talks to them, I’m probably the worst person because I’m not very good at hiding the fact that if someone really doesn’t look that nice, and I think the outfit that they’re wearing is garish then it shows on my face I get that from my mum it happens to her a lot, it’s like a genetic trait in my immediate family not in my extended family.





Sunshine and Informal Showing Rehearsals


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Tuesday and it seems as if summer has come early fingers crossed it will last for the rest of the week that would be lovely particularly as some of you may or may not know, I have my informal showing this Thursday ahhh!! It will only be a small audience of about thirteen people so that’s not too bad but of course I’m nervous it’ll be fine though I’m sure.

I’ve even got a fantastic wig for my character I’ve chosen an item of clothing, a couple of props, and shoes for the character already but I think the wig will really add something, plus when I’ve put make up on and I’ve put the wig on with the two together I look completely different, which is the point obviously I’m really excited though I can’t wait to show it the audience I think my other cast members will like the wig as well.


Anyway I had a lovely busy weekend with my mum as it was mothers day on Sunday, we went out on Saturday for dinner just locally it was a great evening but unfortunately when I ordered the food for the two of us the person behind the till didn’t put it on the ticket to be put through to the kitchen but never mind we ended up getting the second meal for free result!!, Sunday was an earlier start as I went along to my mums exercise class it was only for an hour, then we headed off to brixton, got something to eat, and of course I got my wig from a fantastic wig shop and the lady was really helpful so if I need to use the shop again I’ll definitely try and go back there.

Moving slightly I had to take my cat to the vets for the first time my mum very kindly came with me he was fine and didn’t make too much of a fuss when we were actually in the vets office but he did in the car never mind but vets are definitely not feeling the pinch it cost my mum a hundred and nine pound just for two injections!! We’d only been in the vets office for twenty minutes at the most, one was a steroid injection and the other was an antibiotic injection as my cat unfortunately had scratched an area on his back leg and licked it until it was very red we’re going back there on Thursday actually it’s got a lot better so fingers crossed there won’t be anymore injections or whatever to pay out for.

I’m sure it’ll be fine mind you the vet was very nice well you would be if we’re being paid all that money lol!! no I’m joking I couldn’t be a vet though because if an animal was really ill and it had cancer I would  be really upset or if an animal had to be put down I’d be really upset then as well I think it must be very difficult having to make decisions like that but I suppose it’s better than the animal suffering anymore than they have to.

Anyhow enough about that I still haven’t brought my outfit for my sisters wedding yet I’ve got two dresses in mind for the occasion from the same site that I got my dress for my birthday I’m sure I’ll pick one then I’ll have to think about how I’ll be doing my make up and hair of course I’m sure I’ll look particularly fantastic.









Mothers Day and Drama Group Informal Showing


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Friday and the weekends nearly here and for those of you who probably know or don’t know it’s mothers day on Sunday of course being the over prepared soul that I am I’ve already organised the card and presents for my mum, so now it’s up to her as to where we go for lunch on Sunday either way we’ll have a lovely day together it’ll be nice to catch up but of course, like all parents she rings me mostly either later afternoon or in the evening.

Moving on I’ve been working away learning my monologue that I’ve written for my drama groups informal showing which is next week on Thursday I’m looking forward to it because it’ll be amazing to show what we’ve been doing so far and also it should be a nice preview, of what they might expect from our full performance in July, which is a particular busy month for me as it’s my sisters wedding as well I’m also thinking of getting a wig for my character but I haven’t decided yet I think it might add something extra as I’ve sorted out the dress for the character and the shoes.

Anyway I still haven’t decided what type of dress I’m going to wear but I’m sure I’ll look fantastic I think I might go with the online site that I ordered my dress for my twenty first birthday, as there’s one that I particular like and it’s not particularly expensive, either so that’s good then I’ll have to decide how I want to have my hair styled and how I’ll be doing my makeup as well.

I’ve applied for another job it’s a digital marketing assistant job, with a financial services company who want someone to promote them via email subscriptions, their website and social media as well so fingers crossed I’ve got no idea if I’ll get it though, but I’ve filled out the application for the re-audition for a drama foundation course that’s at the same place I did the Technical Voice Production course and the Introduction to Stanislavsky course, then of course I’ve got to decide which monologue I’m going to prepare for the audition I’ve got a book of monologues specifically for women, so I’ll go through that and pick one that’s not to long of course as theres a two minute limit.

Just one last thing before I head off I know it’s been a bit quiet lately but I do hope the other entries have kept you all entertained I just want to keep the entries that I post interesting for you all to read otherwise people tend to lose interest.

Thanks for reading about my crazy random life once again I’ll try and keep posting more exciting entries for you all to enjoy.












Sunshine and Errands


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s the middle of the week and the end of the week is nearly within sight on the plus side though the sunshines still here so fingers crossed it lasts for the weekend anyway today was  just a typical wednesday really as I’m sure it is for most of you but at least I got to have a lovely walk outside in the sunshine, before going to the supermarket to pick up a few bits so that was good there’s something about wednesdays and sundays, as well it’s as though they’ve been designed to be mundane and slower compared to the rest of the days in the week.

Never mind my drama groups back after the half term break tomorrow it’ll be lovely to see everyone plus it gives me something to look forward to, we’re working towards our informal showing which for myself anyway will have to be the twenty seventh of march as my mum has got someone to cover her class that night, but anyway I’m sure it’ll be fine either and the full show isn’t until July so if we don’t say have as many for the informal showing that won’t necessarily matter as we’re just performing in the same room where we do the class.

In case you were all wondering I haven’t heard anything from the bag and photography shop that’s just up the road from me I been checking my emails and phone but so far nothing I’ll give it a couple more days and if I still haven’t heard anything then I can just put it on my CV as experience if necessary but I have applied for a Marketing and PR assistant job with a company called the Charity People so hopefully something might come of that now I’ve refined my marketing and general CV’s I’ll let you all know either way.

Anyway another thing that happened to me today was that my cat managed somehow to lost two collars the second one I’d obviously not secured enough but the first collar I’m not sure how the cat managed to take that one off as I had secured the first one enough so that the cat wouldn’t be able to take it off so easily but never mind I’ve put another one on the cat for now so hopefully this one won’t get lost but you never know with animals.

Thanks for bearing with me and reading about my crazy random life I’ll be posting the link to this blog post onto my twitter feed as well.




Sunshines Here and Half Term Holidays


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Tuesday, the middle of the week is nearly insight and the sunshines here at last in February!! Looks like springs not going to be too far behind us fingers crossed the summers nice it’ll be lovely to finally wear something summery rather than having to wear a coat every time I go out. Anyway last week for most of us it was half term mine was fairly busy but not just the right amount otherwise I get bored or easily distracted one of those two, I caught up family but it was just my auntie who lives down the road from me, she wanted me to help her with some restraining techniques that she had to learn for this course that she was doing at the school she teaches at so that was interesting.

Then at the weekend on Sunday I finally managed to hand in my CV to this shop up the road from me it’s a bag shop and photography studio but it’s very nice inside, my hairdresser very kindly mentioned me to the girl who runs the shop she seemed nice so hopefully that might come to something it’ll be part time but that’s fine it’s kind of what I’m looking for really, obviously if somethings more permanent then you can structure other things around it but I really don’t mind so fingers crossed she said she’d keep me in mind, so who knows really I’ll let you all know if I hear anything.

Moving slightly I’m kind of a little bit further in finding a dress for my sisters wedding I know what style I’m looking for but I’m not sure where I’m going to get the dress from I could order it online but then you have to wait a few days for it to come, but then again I’ve ordered a couple dresses from the same website that I got my 21st birthday dress from and both of them came relatively quickly, so I might order something from them but then again I’m sort of looking for something a little bit more grown up not too grown up, but just something that says ‘I’m a sophisticated young lady’ plus my sisters dads going to be giving her away so I’ll need to look particularly fantastic that day, then there’s my hair and make up as well but once I’ve found, ordered and got the dress I’ll be able to start thinking about possible make up looks.


I’m sure I’ll look fantastic but not too over the top I can’t up stage the bride of course that’s an unwritten rule when it comes to weddings upstaging the bride is a definite no but I have offered to help my sister should she need anything I might try and ring her actually and see how she’s getting on and whether I can help out at all with anything. Also the venue she’s having the wedding at is really nice so it should be a really lovely celebration plus it’ll be lovely to see her and my nephew as a page boy I’ll definitely have to get a picture of him.

Thanks again for bearing with me and reading about my crazy random life I’ll be posting this link onto my twitter feed for you to have a read of.



Weekends Nearly Here and Interview Update


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s officially Friday and of course the weekend is within sight plus there’s some sunshine around which is great just in case you were all wondering I unfortunately didn’t get the job in the supermarket that I was interviewed for on Monday but never mind I’ll contact their HR department for some feedback and I’ll take it from there.

Anyway I went to speak to the volunteer people that I mentioned in my previous post it was very disappointing I filled out the registration form, I was asked what I was interested in and I talked about my interest in theatre and marketing as possible volunteer avenues that was fine until they produced a ring binder file that was full of plastic folders containing their volunteer opportunities I had to sift through them and picked five as possibilities before they were photocopied and that was it I was annoyed because I could have just stayed at home and looked up volunteer opportunities on the internet.

I took the ones that I had home with me threw away the ones that weren’t any good and then contacted the ones that were possibilities so who knows I also spoke to someone else from the volunteer organisation again on the phone about the pathways project so hopefully I should get a phone call as my landline is now back up and running after ages and ages of emails and phone calls.

Never mind I’m just going to have a nice rest of the day and then order a pizza later and maybe watch a film I think so that’ll be nice at least there’s the rest of weekend to look forward to and my course as well on Sunday afternoon it’ll be nice to do something therapeutic well for me anyway at least I’ve got a funny story that I can laugh about later on.


Moving on very swiftly from all that I’ve been forming some ideas for my sisters wedding in July I can’t wait it’s going to be amazing also there’s my full performance with my drama group on Thursday evenings to look forward to as well it was lovely to see everyone last night and the session was great I think the informal showing at the end of march is going to quite good but we’ll have to see how it goes.

Thanks for bearing with me and continuing to read about my crazy random life I’m going to head off now otherwise I’ll be sitting here all day and before I know it it’ll be five o’clock.




Drama Group Tonight and Weekend Plans


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Thursday and the weekends nearly within sight and of course the weather doesn’t look like it’s going to improve well at least for today it’s meant to on Friday apparently so hopefully we’ll get some sunshine for the weekend.

Elsewhere in my crazy random life I’m going to my evening drama group tonight it’ll be lovely to see everyone again as I missed it last week due to a personal matter I did miss it as I really love going to the group and I did wonder if I should’ve maybe gone a bit later but it was definitely the right decision in that situation for me not to go.

Anyway tomorrow I’ll be meeting with the volunteer people so hopefully that might come to something otherwise it’s a good reference point to give me some ideas about the areas that I’d like to volunteer and maybe work in it’s also the day that I’ll hear about the supermarket job interview that I went for fingers crossed so who knows I’m just keeping an open mind about it really at the end of the day it ‘s good experience.

Weekend wise I’m not sure what I’ll be doing on Saturday but I’m sure I’ll end up doing something I always do then I’ll be going to my voice course on Sunday which I also missed last week because the transport system where I live was up the creek so it would have been a complete nightmare to get up there and get back home again it was nice to relax and have a quiet Sunday but hopefully fingers crossed the transport system won’t be too bad I’ll look up my route for Sunday either later today, tomorrow, or Saturday so I’m sure it’ll be fine.

In a strange way it’ll be interesting to see how the rest of my voice class got on I’ll be intrigued to hear about what they covered last week I’m sure I’ll be brought up to speed either way it’ll also be interesting to see what they think of the tutor after the second week because she’s very theatrical and I personally love people like that because I’m a creative person but I know that not everyone gets on with people who are theatrical as they can only take them in small doses but it’s hard to tell as it’ll be finishing soon.

But knowing me though going back to Saturday night very quickly knowing me I’ll probably either end up watching a film or watching my Sex and City box set which I’ve got back into recently in away I kind of relate to the character ‘Carrie’ as she writes a column and I write a blog I also find it really entertaining and funny as well especially the episode where the character ‘Samantha’ gets really drunk at a couples party that her, ‘Carrie’ and the other character ‘Charlotte’ attend.

Anyhow I’m going to head off now otherwise I’ll be sitting here all day and before I know it’ll be five o’clock and the whole day would’ve gone plus I’ll be late for my drama group tonight and I’ll be in a major rush to get there.












Audition Update and Drama Group Shows


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s the middle of the week and it’s raining but luckily the last two days haven’t been that bad so I can’t complain too much.

In case you were all wondering I didn’t get the audition for the old vic community company never mind like I said I’ll just put it down as valuable experience on my Acting CV (Yes I do have one!!) anyway on the plus side I will be doing an informal showing at the end of march with my drama group on Thursday evenings and then a full performance on the stage in July so that’s very exciting it’ll be amazing to be on the stage again I was kind of hoping that we would do our show on the stage again so I’m glad that we are.

Another exciting piece of news that I have for you is that my sister is finally getting married in July don’t worry it’s not going to clash with my drama group performance it’s on a completely different date I’m really happy for her because she’s been engaged to her lovely partner for such along time well it seems like it and I was also hoping that one day she would get married, she’s not having bridesmaids which is fine of course but I’ll be the on call maid of honour so that’s alright.

It also means I can start looking for an amazing dress I’m already looking online for ideas so hopefully I’ll find something simple but with a little bit of sparkle maybe as it’s going to be a late afternoon ceremony with a party afterwards at the same venue so it’ll be very informal I can’t wait to see my nephew dressed as a page boy he is going to look so cute it’s his birthday soon actually I must try and remember to get him a card in time for it that’s something I’ll get onto tomorrow when the weathers a little bit better. 

I’ve also volunteered my services as a co-wedding assistant so I’m wondering how much I’ll have to do but I don’t mind it’ll be fun really I’ve never been really involved with a wedding before I’ve attended two weddings but it’s nice to think that you’ve played some role in the special day. I’m also wondering about how I should do my make up I’ll need to look for something that will transfer into evening or something that I can add onto for the actual celebration afterwards. 

Anyway I’ve bored you all enough I’m sure talking about my sisters wedding celebration but I’m just going to add this one last quick thing before I move on the only downside is that my sisters dad will be giving her away so of course I’ll need to look suitably fantastic I’m thinking of having hair extensions again so I’ll make sure that I’ve booked my hair appointment well in advance of the celebration.

Moving on as promised elsewhere in my life on Friday I’m going to meet with some volunteer people at twelve so hopefully they’ll be able to find me something ideally I would like something creative like being involved with the marketing for a theatre but I don’t mind volunteering in a shop or something like that anyway its also the day I’ll hear about a job interview that I went for this monday just gone it was for a customer assistant role in a supermarket I think I did well in the interview and the lady who was interviewing me seemed to like me but it’s hard to tell really who knows I can always put it down on my CV as experience if it doesn’t work out.

Thanks for bearing with me and reading about my crazy random life I’ll be putting the link to this blog post up onto my twitter feed as well so you can all read it later if you want to.