New Year and Christmas Highlights

Hey everyone!!

It’s me DirtyLaundryGirl09 I’m back yay!! anyway can’t even get my head around the fact it’s 2015!! That’s crazy right? Maybe it’s just me, Christmas was lovely I got to spend time with my mum and it was great to have a break and do nothing of course it’s practically mandatory over Christmas in my view, I spend time in a lovely place on Christmas Day it was a place in Hastings called Peet and we stayed overnight at this pub called Two Sawyers which was comfortable, warm and friendly the food was nice too felt like a stuffed Christmas turkey after having the lunch on Christmas Day but it was lovely. Boxing Day and New Year were a quiet ones I’m not one for going out a lot especially over New Year so it was nice to have some time at home and just relax I didn’t go mad and immediately mess everything up in the kitchen but I didn’t worry if I hadn’t got dressed or washed something up straight away. Like all good things sadly it came to an end because on the Saturday I had to go up to my sharing practice day for my drama foundation course it was great to see everyone and hear how their Christmases had gone plus the day finished at quarter to three so that was even more brilliant it was fantastic to come back in the daylight and not have so many people around when I was coming home. This week it starts back properly so no such luck with finishing at quarter to three we are meant to finish just after half five though but of course we end up finishing the last session at six oh well you can’t have everything I suppose. I’m back at my office course that’s right I’m a skilled typist now very handy when your writing out a blog like this one we’ve got exams this week fingers crossed the rest of them get emailed over and then we can get them out of the way as it were we are meant to have already done them but of course the exam board the college deals with was messing them around but what can you do? Then of course my Thursday evening drama class goes back next week it’ll be again amazing to see everyone and of course we’re going to be working towards our final show in July which is going to be on the stage again at the theatre!! Can’t wait for that plus it’ll be just a couple of months after my final showing with my Saturday drama class so it’ll be a great change in the midst of all this I’m also acting as a hair model for this girl my hair dresser is training up I’ve been doing that a while now she’s really nice and much to my hair dressers pleasure she is also willing to learn which is great for him I think because it’s nice when you’ve got someone who is actually interested in what you’re offering them in terms of training for a prospective position like hair dressing.

So as you’ve gathered by now I’m a pretty busy bee so I’m probably going to have to write these blog posts on more of a staggered basis rather than giving you a sudden influx of them all at once but don’t despair because those of you out there following me on Twitter can keep up with all my latest musings mainly all the time well not all the time but you get the picture.

Anyway I’m signing off now as I’ve got to start preparing my dinner otherwise I’ll start typing gibberish and you won’t understand a word I’m saying lol!!




Dress Rehearsal and Beckenham Theatre Centre Update

Hey Everyone,

I’ve been away for too long I know it’s just really hard to consistently come up interesting blog posts all the time so my attention wavers but don’t worry I’ve got some really exciting things to tell you all about well fairly exciting in my book.

The first thing is that I finally heard back from Beckenham theatre centre!! First of all to say that my application forms had been received and the second time to say that I am now officially a confirmed member for the next twelve months which is fantastic, so once I’ve got my show for my drama group out the way for this term, my sisters wedding out the way and my re-audition for the one year drama foundation course over at City Lit in Holborn you guessed it!! out the way then I can start having a look at  the publicity that the theatre centre send me by email and post as well to see which auditions I could attend and hopefully plays I could participate in as well, I should hopefully be able to fit it my time there around my drama group but as long as I’m upfront with them which I would be that shouldn’t be a problem.

Anyhow the next thing that I’m going to tell is that I’ve got my dress rehearsal for my play with my drama group tonight our performance is on the main stage at the Churchill Theatre this Sunday ahhh!! (scary thought isn’t it?) It’s funny really when your rehearsing something the performance date always seems along way away but sadly it comes round and everyones slightly panicking well not too much this time it’s more us going for it rather than being embarrassed, as the play is all about being over the top and a bit crazy initially I had that slight reservation as well, because when I initially started my formal training at eighteen (that was many years ago now, oh my god I’ve just aged!!) it was all about being the moment and having a clear intention, then later on when I did my introduction to Stanislavsky course, it was again all about exploring the character and immersing yourself within the situation that you were being provided with.

Hopefully when we do the performance on the main stage the audience will like it the last time I thought oh my god!! why is nobody laughing? But then they started to so that was a relief I’m not sure if we’re going to be second on like we were the last time or towards the end because there’s the other groups as well who are also participating, so I’ll have to see really the dress rehearsal will give us a chance though to fully run the show from top to bottom and then see if anything needs to be ironed out further in the last rehearsal we had it was people saying the lines and everything but then walking off ‘out of character,’ but that shouldn’t be an issue tonight but the main thing was that we need to go for it and make sure the revelations scene wasn’t too slow.

On top of writing and re-writing the scripts for the second and fourth scenes for my play on Sunday I’ve also been learning an audition monologue for my re-audition it’s within the two minute time limit which is good plus I just read it and timed using the timer on my phone it’s out of this monologue book that I’ve got which has got lots of different ones in it and my piece is called Shopping and Fucking by this playwright called Mark Raven hill, I went over it again this week and initially I thought I’m going to have to start from scratch again but once I went through my visualisation exercise, that I picked up from my introduction to Stanislavsky course it actually turned out a lot better that I’d expected so now it’s just making sure that I stay as relaxed and as calm as possible, also that I don’t go over the piece too many times because it’s like when you’ve made a really nice curry and you’ve flavoured it to how you want it but then you keep adding too many different flavours chances are it’s going to taste horrible.

So I just have to make sure that I don’t over work the piece too much because otherwise all the work that I put into making sound and feel as dramatically natural as possible will go to waste and it will just sound like me reciting something as opposed to really connecting with the words and the character reciting the piece instead, it’s hard because naturally you want to consistently rehearse something over and over again but actually it’s harder to step away from it, leave it alone, and then come back to it.

Anyway I’d better go and eating something now otherwise I’ll be sitting here all day and end up being late to my dress rehearsal tonight which would not be good at all.



Easter Bank Holiday and Volunteer Opportunity Interview


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Friday and the start of the easter bank holiday (yay!!) plus the weathers nice as well which helps and it gives you an excuse to eat lots of chocolate easter eggs, I’m trying to be good though because  so if I do have any chocolate in whatever form it takes, I’ll have to make sure that I don’t have too much otherwise I’ll go up another denim shorts and jeans size.

Anyhow I’ve been applying for some more paid and voluntary work so far I’ve had confirmation emails saying my application has been received, and one email from a paid job saying that I wasn’t suitable for the position but I’ve had one result though it’s for a volunteer administration position, at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home the interview is next week on 24th so fingers crossed I’ll get it.

It would be great experience and I could fit my acting training around it as well as my blog posting plus I’m a bit of an animal lover as you’ve probably gathered from the fact I have a cat maybe that swung it for me who knows? Either way it’s lovely to have a bit of a boost I’ve looked up how to get there and it seems fairly straight forward, I’ll try and head up there later on if I can depending how efficient the engineer from british gas is at fixing the toilet system in my bathroom.

Moving swiftly on I haven’t heard anything back from this theatre company in Beckenham, I’ll look up on their website and see if theres an email I can contact hopefully I might get some joy I suspect it might be because it’s the easter holidays, and a lot of theatres have performances running so fingers crossed I’ll hear from them soon I’m sure I will I left an email address for them on the membership forms that I filled out so I’m it’ll be fine.

Easter Holiday plan wise, I’ve not really thought about it I might try and catch up with some friends if their around over the weekend depending on what their doing of course, that’s the trouble it’s really hard to try and get everyone in the same place without something cropping up for either yourself or somebody else, I’m sure I’ll do something even if it’s going for a nice walk or something it’ll be nice to have a long weekend just to enjoy it for once without it being over so quickly.

I’m looking forward to it though but I’ll miss going to my drama group when it returns and 1st may as well because although I’ll be able to get there it’s finding someone to collect me afterwards of course if I had a helpful auntie then I’d have no problems asking if she could collect me afterwards I could go for an hour but there’s no point in me trekking over to Bromley just to go for an hour, so sadly I’ll have to miss a couple of days.

But never mind I’ll survive but I’ll be going along to this performing arts project with this charity in Lewisham, it starts in the same week as my interview for the volunteer admin position I’m in slight in trepidation about it because although I think the people who run it are nice, because I have anxiety issues, I just don’t feel it’s an appropriate charity for me to be involved with as a participant hopefully if I get this volunteer thing then I won’t have to be involved in their performing arts project the whole time I’m sure I’ll be fine at the interview for it but I’ll just have to try and be as calm as possible on the day.


Anyway I’m going to head off now and enjoy the afternoon sunshine while it lasts I’ll let you all know how the volunteer admin interview goes for battersea dogs and cats home and I’ll posting the link to this new post on my twitter feed.




Informal Showing Debut and Errands


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Monday and another week has started plus it’s raining today but never mind hopefully it’ll brighten up by the weekend, anyway my informal showing which was last week actually went really well everyone liked the wig that I’d picked for my character I did my make up before hand and organised everything I needed throughout my day, I did have to take my cat to the vets for a re-check appointment and re-start his vaccine course again he’s had one so it’s just the second vaccine that’s he’s got to have that’ll be in about four weeks time for his booster shot but that was the only major thing that I had to do.

Anyhow I left on the day leaving plenty of time for me to get to my showing I was on time as usual I even managed to eat something before hand which was a good sign of course when people arrived later on myself and everybody else were really nervous initially, but once we got going it was fine people seemed to respond to what we had put together it’s hard to know even when you do something that people are familiar with whether they will actually respond, to it or not that’s the frightening thing about doing anything involving comedy or tragedy sometimes both as you have to get the balance right between getting the story across without ‘hamming it up’.

The only off putting thing about it was that my mum decided to sit in the front row of our little audience which is fine in a larger space but in a more intimate space it’s a bit distracting but I don’t mind at least she liked it and she got to meet my drama teacher as well, who according to my mum is the most enthusiastic person she’s ever met I’ll take that as a compliment I think, personally I love people with that type of personality but of course it’s not for everyone.

Moving slightly over the weekend I did some food shopping with my mum and she lost thirty pounds in the supermarket so that was a bit of a drama, that reminds me actually I must go and get some bread in a bit that’s if the virgin media people turn up, they’re meant to be coming between twelve and four pm but of course like most utility companies they never give you an exact time and the trouble is the minute you go out to run an errand, that’s when they decide to turn up so you have to then head all the way back home to let them in basically the landlines down again it’s along story I’ll tell you all another time otherwise I’ll be sitting here all day.







Theatre Show and Sunday Nights


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s nearly the middle of the week but never mind Friday will soon be here it’s also the day of my audition for the Old Vic Theatre ahhh!! Scary right? Anyway tomorrow night I’m going to see Kinder transport at my local theatre which is where I do my drama class on a Thursday night I was thinking of going to see it but I wasn’t sure when I was going to get the chance to because you know what it’s like time just runs away with you.

But a friend of mine wanted to go and see it and asked me if I’d like to come along as well and I thought well it’ll be lovely to see them as I haven’t seen them in a while so I said yeah why not I’m going to take them for a meal before hand as a little thank you they’d already brought the tickets being the organised soul that they are a bit like myself really.

I did manage to see another friend of mine last sunday who came round for dinner and we had a lovely chat then we watched Call the Midwife being the ‘wild things’ that we are lol!! No it was a lovely evening and it was great to see them as well I was so excited when I scrolled down my TV listings and there was Call the Midwife and it wasn’t a repeat yay!! The episode was good as usual it must be hard though trying to come up with decent story lines based around women in Poplar in the 1950s having children but it works.

I’m such a nerd but I can’t wait for the next episode this Sunday even better though I got a series one and two box set with the christmas special as well this christmas just gone I must start watching actually it’s been sitting amongst my DVD’s for ages but at least when I do get round to watching it I’ll be able to find it easily so that’s good I can’t stand having to rummage through loads of DVD’s to get to the film or box set that I want to watch.

Moving on from that I’ve been such a scatter brain today because along with washing up, sorting out laundry for the drier (I know there’s an irony there given that my name is DirtyLaundryGirl09 ha!!), clearing up after my new rescue cat oh yeah I didn’t mention him did I? Well he’s white and called Scumpy he’s been with me for about three months now he was outside for fifteen minutes today and he came back by himself through the cat flap I was very proud of him and yes he was very proud of himself too.

Anyway thanks for reading another instalment of my crazy random life I’ll try and be more organised tomorrow and get my other three blogposts typed up I’ll be posting the link to this one as I do for all my posts onto my Twitter feed.





Busy Weekend and Relatives


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s the start of another new week I was tied up with various things last week so I wasn’t able to post any new blog posts I thought I might get the chance to at the weekend but sadly I wasn’t so lucky but on the plus side I did get to see my sister and my nephew on Saturday which was lovely we had a very cultural day as we all went to the science museum which was actually really interesting I hadn’t been for years so it was nice to go and see how much it had changed.

Anyway later on I went to the V and A with my mum who’d met me after I’d finished with my sister and my nephew and we had a drink in their new tea rooms which were very elegant I have to say then we went to meet my other relatives for a meal it was nice because some of our relatives from Ireland had come over and they’re staying until Tuesday this week so it was great to catch up and see them the only thing was my mum had got the hotel mixed up that we were meant to be meeting them at thankfully it was the one opposite so we didn’t have to go too far.

We went over to a restaurant called STRADA which I had heard of but I hadn’t actually been into I’d only seen it from the outside but it was pleasant even though it was very busy to be honest it would have been nice to go on Sunday when it was less busy but never mind I was very tired when I got home though and then of course on Sunday an auntie of mine said they might come and used my main laptop at home I hand’t heard from them for most of the day until they turned up at about three so I had no escape from relatives that day.

My laptop was charging as well so I couldn’t use it because the battery was so low the best thing I could was leave it to charge up I did talk to my auntie just in case your wondering it wasn’t a very exciting conversation as she’s one of those people who tends to jump in with both feet and then come out with something that’s not very constructive at all mind you that didn’t stop her from implying that myself going to university was a waste of time because for some reason I can’t remember now we’d go onto something around that subject and then she starts patronising me a bit and I thought hold on I know that university can be a waste of time for some people.

But that’s their decision anyway a cousin of mine whose twenty nine now she’s doing another degree and flittering around would my auntie go round, use her main laptop at home and then patronise her in the process? Let me think no of course she doesn’t because she wants to make out that she’s so friendly and nice to all the other cousins let her get on with it that’s what I think but what I will say is that when I do my next play with my drama group on 13th July I’m not letting her know about it  and if I end up performing in June at the Old Vic Theatre as part of their community company I’m not letting her know about that either I’ll let someone else tell her instead she’ll soon be changing her tune that will definitely happen.

I know you shouldn’t be awful about your relatives but sometimes they really wind you up mind you that happens in every family regardless of what anybody says when you’ve got to know them a little bit you find out it’s not all a bed of roses (that’s my cynical side coming out ooops!!) oh well that’s normal I think because otherwise if you can’t even get annoyed or even have an argument with your family it means you don’t have a healthy relationship because that’s what happens in life people annoy you or wind you up and people have flaws shock horror even me ahhh!! can’t believe I’ve just said that but it is true though.


Oh well I’ll get over but sometimes you just need to vent and get whatever it is off your chest I find blogging, songwriting, singing and acting helps personally for me but I’m sure you’ve all got your own creative ways of getting things off your chest the important thing is that I’ve got other people who I know are behind me like my sister, my mum, my aunt and uncle on my sisters side, friends from university you know people like that.

Anyway I really must go now otherwise I’ll never get dinner on the table and it’s fast approaching five o’clock thanks for reading  I’ll be posting the link to this blog post up on my twitter feed and I’ll be posting some more new entries very soon.





Portfolio Paperworks Done and Rocky Horror Show


Hey Everyone,

Well my portfolio paperwork is officially done thank goodness my main project is now completed but I’ll still have access to the social media pages that I created and the website if I need to make any changes, it’s great to finally have the paperwork submitted because at least now I can relax and focus on my blog posting which is very good and also promoting the posts via my twitter feed.

My birthday was lovely by the way and it all went very well and my sister was able to come in the end which was fantastic and it was lovely to see her and everybody else who came as well I even sent out thank you cards to people which was very cleansing because it meant I was giving something back to them.

I got some lovely presents as well mainly cheques but I also got jewellery as well which was lovely including some ear rings from my gran so I’ll have to bite the bullet and get my ears pierced I have always planned to do it but somethings either come up or I’ve chickened out of it.

Anyway moving on from my birthday celebrations,I’m going to see the Rocky Horror Show tomorrow night so that’s very exciting I’m not sure what to expect but I’m thinking it’ll be good though I’ll be going with a few friends and we’re planning to ‘dress up’ in some form I’ve got some idea of what I’m going to wear but I’ll have to see what I’ve got in my wardrobe but I’m sure I’ll be able to put something together I always do in the end.

We’ll be going to the half past eight performance as my friend who organised for us all to go could only get tickets for that performance time, I’ve paid her for the tickets already even though she said I didn’t have to but she’ll put the money towards the drinks fund so at that’s alright, she’s mainly badgering our other two friends for the ticket money as they hadn’t paid her the last time she’d just taken them to the theatre to see a show.

But at least I’ll be able to enjoy the show without worrying about deadlines for my portfolio paperwork I’ve also submitted my website, Facebook page and Twitter feed links for my project as I had to include them as evidence the main idea had been completed so that’s the main thing really it’s a weight off my mind as well.

Anyway I’m going to go for a walk now and then go and grab something to eat otherwise if I’m not careful it’ll be five o’clock and most of the day would have gone.





Birthday Plans and Portfolio’s Underway


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s nearly half way through the week and the nights are getting a lot lighter and the days are getting a lot longer as well which is a good thing I think because at least theres a few more hours in the day at least for now.

I’ve been working away on my main portfolio idea for university so I’ve not had the chance to write a blog post today the website’s been officially set up along with the Facebook page and Twitter feed as well so I’m a lot happier now because now I’ve actually got everything up and running the sooner I’ll be able to finish my main project and mock up the contributing projects for my portfolio.

My birthday is on Sunday this weekend so I’m very excited about that I’m hoping nothing goes wrong but I’m sure it’ll be fine the nicest thing will be that I can catch up with all my guests who’ll be attending on the day I’ve now got about twenty five/twenty six coming now which is good really because I don’t always have a lot of luck with family occasions because there’s either a drama or someone gets ill on the day or even the day before.

Anyway my half sister still wants to come to my birthday which I’m very pleased about because I know she’s going through a very difficult time at the moment because her mum is unfortunately going to pass away within the next few days fingers crossed for her sake it’s before my birthday because I know she really does want to come and celebrate with me which is fantastic and it’ll be lovely to see my nephew as well.

I have to scoot off now I’m afraid because I’ve got to have my photo taken, thank goodness I remembered to put some make up on today lool!! I’ll be posting some more blog posts very soon.



Busy Week Ahead and Blog Posts

Hey Everyone,

It’s Monday and the start of another busy week of blog posting for me so far I’ve managed to keep up the good work of posting blog entries I’ve uploaded fifteen so far so I’m very pleased with that I’m hoping to get it up to twenty at least so that before the easter holidays hit I’ve got a good number of posts uploaded for everyone to read.

Anyway the weekend wasn’t too bad I went over to my aunties house on Saturday which was lovely and it was nice to see some members of my family and a few of my cousins were there so that was lovely also major exciting news!! My cousin who recently got married over in Ireland is having twins with his wife and the other exciting thing is that the twins are going to be identical so they’re either going to have two boys or two girls personally I’m hoping that they have two girls because then I can buy lots of pink dresses for them or teddy bears but if they have two boys then I can still buy the teddy bears instead so it’s win win really.

Also my other cousin his wife is going to have they’re second child on the sixteenth of may I think so that’s the major thing at the moment we’re gearing up towards, well that and my twenty first birthday in may as well which is very exciting stuff I’m hopefully going to buy shoes at some point either this week or over the easter holidays so that I’ve got some lovely shoes that match my dress that I’m going to wear for my birthday.

I’ve been following Call the Midwife on Sunday nights recently and the final episode of the second series was aired last night it was a bit sad but the ending was happy I’m not going to tell you all what happens in case you haven’t watched the episode yet on BBC iPlayer, the good news is that it’s been commissioned for a third series which I can’t wait to see when it’s on and of course there’s going to be a special lighthearted episode of the show for comic relief which I’m also very excited to see.





New Tuesday Night Sitcom-Heading Out


Hey Everyone,

Well its official my Tuesday nights are no longer dull and tedious I watched this new sitcom last night called Heading Out written by Sue Perkins it’s all based around a vets surgery as well as exploring issues such as turning forty for the first time and coming to terms with your sexual identity.

It’s really funny and very well written the first episode was last night so if you haven’t already seen it I’d recommend that you check it out on BBC iPlayer, I’m promoting it because I was actually asked to watch it by a friend of mine who’d seen promotional clips on YouTube and wanted to know what I thought of it well as a viewer I genuinely enjoyed watching it and as a blogger I’m happy to promote it to all my readers.

So I can safely say that Tuesdays will no longer be dull television viewing for me at least for a while anyway while it’s still being shown at the moment, I hope that more episodes get commissioned but it just depends on how many people actually watch the sitcom but I’m sure a good number of people did tune into BBC Two last night so that’s something I suppose.

Whatever the outcome I’m sure they’ll be a steady audience for the show at least but if your a sitcom fan like myself and enjoy shows that are well written then I’d recommend that you give this new sitcom a go while it’s being shown on screens.