Weekends Nearly Here and Interview Update


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s officially Friday and of course the weekend is within sight plus there’s some sunshine around which is great just in case you were all wondering I unfortunately didn’t get the job in the supermarket that I was interviewed for on Monday but never mind I’ll contact their HR department for some feedback and I’ll take it from there.

Anyway I went to speak to the volunteer people that I mentioned in my previous post it was very disappointing I filled out the registration form, I was asked what I was interested in and I talked about my interest in theatre and marketing as possible volunteer avenues that was fine until they produced a ring binder file that was full of plastic folders containing their volunteer opportunities I had to sift through them and picked five as possibilities before they were photocopied and that was it I was annoyed because I could have just stayed at home and looked up volunteer opportunities on the internet.

I took the ones that I had home with me threw away the ones that weren’t any good and then contacted the ones that were possibilities so who knows I also spoke to someone else from the volunteer organisation again on the phone about the pathways project so hopefully I should get a phone call as my landline is now back up and running after ages and ages of emails and phone calls.

Never mind I’m just going to have a nice rest of the day and then order a pizza later and maybe watch a film I think so that’ll be nice at least there’s the rest of weekend to look forward to and my course as well on Sunday afternoon it’ll be nice to do something therapeutic well for me anyway at least I’ve got a funny story that I can laugh about later on.


Moving on very swiftly from all that I’ve been forming some ideas for my sisters wedding in July I can’t wait it’s going to be amazing also there’s my full performance with my drama group on Thursday evenings to look forward to as well it was lovely to see everyone last night and the session was great I think the informal showing at the end of march is going to quite good but we’ll have to see how it goes.

Thanks for bearing with me and continuing to read about my crazy random life I’m going to head off now otherwise I’ll be sitting here all day and before I know it it’ll be five o’clock.





Theatre Show Review and Audition Tomorrow


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s nearly the end of the week and Friday’s just within reach hopefully the weather will be slightly better than it was today fingers crossed anyway last night I went to see Kinder Transport at the local theatre where I do my drama class that’s actually where I’m going tonight funnily enough as it’s Thursday anyway my friend and I had a lovely evening and the show was really enjoyable as well I sort of knew what it was about but I couldn’t remember the rest of the plot but it was amazing to be one row back from the stage the set was great actually plus the acting was amazing as well I hope one day I get to be in a play as good as that I ‘m sure I will one day.

It was nice to be out even if it was a Wednesday but that’s not such a bad thing mind at least there’s nothing good on the tele but tonight I’ll miss Supersize verses Super-skinny and The Un-Dateables which is catching up with the most memorable people who’ve been featured on the show to see what’s happened and whether they’re still looking for a partner or they’ve found someone I think my half brother Alex should go on that show because he really doesn’t know how to talk to people yet alone women mind you most men when it comes to talking to women don’t seem to have much of a clue either so he’s not alone on that front.

Anyway I was tired when I got home but it was great to catch up with my friend who I hadn’t seen for ages because we’d tried to meet up previously and something had either come up with her or with me so it was fabulous to finally have an evening where we could just talk and have a meal as well I took her to this little italian restaurant that I’d been to once and we both had a pizza which were very nice I have to say it was quiet in there but that didn’t matter because it meant we could actually have a conversation without having to over use the word what every five minutes.

Then tomorrow afternoon I’ve got my audition for the old vic theatre community company it’ll be amazing to go there again and be in an environment that’s produced and still does produce amazing plays and companies as well I’m already nervous though I know it’s silly I mean first of all it’s not happening until tomorrow and second of all I’ll be taking part in a workshop which will be active and physical apparently according to the information on the registration confirmation email that I printed off along with my performer application form which I’ll be bringing with me tomorrow afternoon it finishes at three thirty so fingers crossed I get out by four that’ll give me plenty of time to get home and digest the audition process.

I was thinking of going to meet some friends afterwards one of them is going back to scotland I said maybe as I don’t want to put myself under too much pressure just in case my train home doesn’t come in on time or something else crops up that’s the thing with public transport you never know what’s going to happen but to be honest it’s probably best that I have a quiet evening at home as I’ll be tired from all the physical stuff that I’ll be doing during the audition.

Hopefully if I do get into the community company at the old vic I’ll be able to still go to my drama group on a Thursday evening I’ve only put six until ten pm as the times that I wouldn’t be available of course during the run up to my performance with them I’ve not ticked that I can’t do six until ten pm because that’s crucial rehearse time but the good thing is my evening groups actual show won’t be until 13th July so that’s good I’ll work it out I’m sure but it’ll be good practice for me as I’ll need to build up my stamina for when I’m fully trained up, got my equity card and doing more professional theatre shows.

I’m sure I’ll probably be absolutely shattered by the end of it but it’ll be great experience and at least I’ll be able to put down that I’ve been part of something fantastic or I’ve had a go who knows it’ll be exciting anyway in a weird way I am very excited because I know that lots of famous british actors and american actors have done shows on the old vic’s stage so I’m sure my inner fan girl will come out at some point during the day.

Anyway I’ve got to sort myself out for my drama group tonight otherwise I’ll still be sitting here and I’ll be late for my class which would not be very good at all.

Thanks for bearing with me and reading another instalment of my random life I’ll be posting the link to this blog post onto my Twitter feed as well just in case you don’t get a chance to view my blog.



Family Christening and Birthday Vouchers


Hey Everyone,

Well Monday’s come around again I’ve been brainstorming ideas as well as applying for more jobs which is what I was doing last week but I had a very productive day today and then of course on Wednesday I’ll be going to my vocal lesson with the professional vocal coach in the afternoon plus my twelve week Stanislavsky course starts on Thursday and my drama group starts back in the evening it’ll be lovely to see everyone and it’s going to be very exciting to start a new course even if it is for twelve weeks.

Just in case you were all wondering the christening I went to the week before last went very well and it was lovely to see my cousin who I’m going to be doing the theatre showcase with I ended up wearing the dress that I wore to my cousins brothers wedding but I looked suitably stylish and I managed to have my hair cut and coloured in time for the event (not bad hey), but the only downside was that my another auntie of mine had rang the night before on the saturday saying that she wanted to travel up with my mum and myself so we said that was fine, anyway she sends this text message saying that my her daughter and her daughters boyfriend were practically leaving for the christening and they were all going to get breakfast in town I wasn’t really surprised but it was annoying that she didn’t have the courtesy to ring us that’s her decision I guess.

But at least I’m not having to bump into her everyday can you imagine how awkward that would be, I suppose that’s the advantage of being a blogger it means that you can either hideaway in a cafe for a while or type up your blog post at home first and then go for a nice walk somewhere anyway I’m also going to be heading off to a lovely spa on Friday in the afternoon so that’ll be nice it’s another birthday voucher that I didn’t realise I had but at least it’s still valid so I’m going to go with my mum she needs it by the sounds of it the amount of Pilates classes she’s been teaching I’ll definitely need it after Thursday I can tell you.

Well I’m going to check my emails and twitter feed before pre-heating my oven so I can make dinner.

I’ll be posting some more new entries hopefully this week if not I’ll try and put them up over the weekend.










Second Day of Spring and Valentines Day



Hey Everyone!!

Well Valentines Day is officially over and the Second Day of Spring has started in case your wondering what I did for Valentines Day I ended up watching Moulin Rouge and even though I’ve seen it many times before I ended up crying again at the end (oh well never mind) anyway on the plus side spring is officially in the air the sunshine appears to be hanging around for a little while longer I’m secretly praying for a mini heat weave in February but sadly I don’t think it’s going to happen.

I’ve been racking my brains lately for blog post ideas but fortunately my writers block appears to be lifting which is good it’s properly down to the fact I’ve been helping post articles for Explore Pilates Magazine (have a read if you haven’t already) it’s an E and E project that one of my twitter followers is currently doing and as a blogger I said I would help them post articles for their online magazine, it seems to be going well so far hopefully they’ll do well once the projects over they’re ahead of a lot people actually in terms of their work so that’s a good thing.

Anyway aside from all that it was my nephew’s birthday yesterday sadly even though I planned to be there celebrating it with him and the rest of my extended family it wasn’t to be as my sister’s mum was really ill and my sister didn’t want to organise a big party if her mum couldn’t be there to celebrate with everyone which I can understand so my sister organised for my nephew and his friends to go to the cinema instead which all of them enjoyed and the other good thing was her mum was able to give my nephew his presents.

Although on a positive note my sister is going to come to my birthday in May along with some other extended family members so it’ll be lovely to see them all I’ve already got my dress it’s really nice and it’s perfect for the occasion as you could wear it during the day or for an evening out plus it’s really comfortable which is good because theres going to be a lot of food and drink around, I’ve been pretty sensible about what I’ve been eating lately because I really want to look nice in the dress I’m not dieting because they don’t work I’ve just been making sure that I eat three meals a day at least and only snack sparingly it appears to be working and I’m trying to keep moving throughout my day.

I’d better go for a walk and then get something to eat otherwise I’ll be sitting at my desk all day and that’s not good it’ll also mean that my keeping active plan would start to go out the window anyway I’ll be posting some more blog posts soon but I do have some emails to answer, once I’ve finished though I’ll post a few more blog posts.