2017 Update

Hey everyone
Its dirtylaundrygirl09 I know its been ages since I last posted can’t believe its already April spoiler we’re all blink and it’ll be Christmas ahhh!! Not that my Christmas was bad I got to see a couple of my relatives and one of my other cousins got married plus a few binge watches here and there where possible of course.
Anyway its been a crazy year for me I’m now officially working in a proper admin job and it’s only a few minutes by train I’m making the most of it trust me most people would kill for that plus its near my Thursday drama class which is a delightful bonus.
Update about that we got to work on this play about a family who immigrated in the 1950s to England it was really interesting actually at first glance you’d probably be like oh my god this doesn’t make sense why me my life is so hard 🤣#firstworldproblemmoment anyway we preformed it and the show went very well the class is back this Thursday just for five weeks as the lady who runs it is having another baby yay!!
Speaking of people having babies my half brother and his fiancé are having their first baby its a boy by the way just in case you were wondering the lady who runs my class is having a girl a sister for her little boy which is lovely.
Its been all change where I work with people leaving and moving house etc. But the main change has been the lady who was heading up the contract has basically been replaced with another manager who is the complete opposite of her by the way which isn’t very hard to be honest I know be nice blah blah blah 😁 you’d know what I meant if you’d met him.
Lets just say its a much nicer atmosphere in the office all round which is great for everyone I think not that work can be particularly exciting but it makes it much more bearable if the at atmosphere in the office is nicer plus it means the day has a much nicer pace to it as well 👏🎆
Of course there was the easter weekend that’s just passed it was a fairly quiet one for me but that’s ok it was nice to just enjoy the long weekend there’s another bank holiday coming up next week at the weekend then there’s another bank holiday at the end of may as well 🎉then one at the end of august so that’s alright hopefully some more binge watches along the way 👌
But hopefully I’ll book some annual leave now that I’ve got a holiday allowance if it don’t forget which is likely to happen knowing me but don’t worry I’ll get some holiday in somehow anyway I’ll work something out don’t worry.
Anyway that’s all from me for now they’ll be more 2017 updates and ramblings to come don’t worry.

Fairly Busy Week and Volunteer Interview Result


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Friday and the weekends nearly here but unfortunately it looks like the weather isn’t very good but never mind hopefully there might be some sunshine next week, anyhow I’ve been fairly busy this week actually because on Monday I had the virgin media people coming to fix the landline again it’s working now so that’s good let’s hope it doesn’t break again, then on Tuesday I went to this drama class for this community project near to where I live and sadly I didn’t like it at all, which is really weird for me because I’m somebody who loves drama but this one just wasn’t the right fit for me but never mind I’ve still got my Thursday evening group.

Anyway on Thursday I went for an interview with Battersea Dogs and Cats Home for their volunteer admin support role it went really well and I heard back from them today and I’ve actually got it!! I’m really pleased they liked me it’s a three day a week commitment, and I start next week on Tuesday I’m looking forward to it it’ll be nice to be an office environment again, even though it’s just for a while but hopefully this should lead to something else, at least I’ll be able to fit in other things for the time being plus they have dogs and cats come into the office which is just an added bonus really it was also a requirement for the role as well.

Weekend plan wise I’m not really sure what I’m going to do I might order my dress for my sisters wedding which is something I need to do and then maybe spend time with some friends but either way I’m sure I’ll do something to celebrate my new volunteer job, in terms of people that I’ve told so far I’ve text my cousin who I bumped into yesterday when I went for my interview, my mum who is on holiday at the moment and is flying to the turkish coast tomorrow, and my auntie who is in cornwall, all of whom have come back to me by text message and I spoke to my mum as well.

Anyway I better head off now otherwise I’ll spend half the evening on my laptop I’ll be posting the link to this post on my twitter feed as well.





Sunshine and Informal Showing Rehearsals


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Tuesday and it seems as if summer has come early fingers crossed it will last for the rest of the week that would be lovely particularly as some of you may or may not know, I have my informal showing this Thursday ahhh!! It will only be a small audience of about thirteen people so that’s not too bad but of course I’m nervous it’ll be fine though I’m sure.

I’ve even got a fantastic wig for my character I’ve chosen an item of clothing, a couple of props, and shoes for the character already but I think the wig will really add something, plus when I’ve put make up on and I’ve put the wig on with the two together I look completely different, which is the point obviously I’m really excited though I can’t wait to show it the audience I think my other cast members will like the wig as well.


Anyway I had a lovely busy weekend with my mum as it was mothers day on Sunday, we went out on Saturday for dinner just locally it was a great evening but unfortunately when I ordered the food for the two of us the person behind the till didn’t put it on the ticket to be put through to the kitchen but never mind we ended up getting the second meal for free result!!, Sunday was an earlier start as I went along to my mums exercise class it was only for an hour, then we headed off to brixton, got something to eat, and of course I got my wig from a fantastic wig shop and the lady was really helpful so if I need to use the shop again I’ll definitely try and go back there.

Moving slightly I had to take my cat to the vets for the first time my mum very kindly came with me he was fine and didn’t make too much of a fuss when we were actually in the vets office but he did in the car never mind but vets are definitely not feeling the pinch it cost my mum a hundred and nine pound just for two injections!! We’d only been in the vets office for twenty minutes at the most, one was a steroid injection and the other was an antibiotic injection as my cat unfortunately had scratched an area on his back leg and licked it until it was very red we’re going back there on Thursday actually it’s got a lot better so fingers crossed there won’t be anymore injections or whatever to pay out for.

I’m sure it’ll be fine mind you the vet was very nice well you would be if we’re being paid all that money lol!! no I’m joking I couldn’t be a vet though because if an animal was really ill and it had cancer I would  be really upset or if an animal had to be put down I’d be really upset then as well I think it must be very difficult having to make decisions like that but I suppose it’s better than the animal suffering anymore than they have to.

Anyhow enough about that I still haven’t brought my outfit for my sisters wedding yet I’ve got two dresses in mind for the occasion from the same site that I got my dress for my birthday I’m sure I’ll pick one then I’ll have to think about how I’ll be doing my make up and hair of course I’m sure I’ll look particularly fantastic.









Drama Group and Weekend


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s Monday and as usual the weathers not been great thankfully I didn’t have to run any errands today otherwise I would have got very wet as it was pouring down with rain but never mind I think that’s what cold days were invented for to just do mundane tasks and maybe catch up on things generally.

My drama group was last week Thursday it was great to work to on the character piece that I’d chosen and co-ordinate it with the music that I’d picked for my character we got to read monologues as well they could either be similar or different to the characters that we were building I managed to find a good one about this lady who worked in the city but her brother had been murdered and she was trying to muddle her way through as to why the murder had occurred.

There were some really gritty ones in the monologue book that was flicking through as well I must try and remember the name of the book so that I can maybe purchase a copy for myself and read through the other monologues a bit more throughly some of them would be really useful for auditions.

Anyway my weekend was a mixture of mundane and fun the mundane part being that I had to give my kitchen a through scrub down as it hadn’t been given a good clean for ages and the fun part being that I got to the cinema for once it was mine and my mums reward as she’d come over to help me clear up my kitchen and organise stuff we went to see this film called The Book Thief it was about this girl who had been sent to this small town in Germany just before the second world war breaks out and how she develops a love of books so strongly having not being able to read them before that she steals them from this really important high ranking German officers library.

It was sad but I actually really liked it I didn’t think it would be my sort of film at all but the storyline was strong and the acting was good as well which helped carry the story along without the film verging into being too sentimental but I suppose as the Oscars were on last night the standard of films being shown in cinemas gets a lot better and there seems to be a bit more variety as well.

Sunday of course it was Call the Midwife as usual it’s like a ritual with me every Sunday night without fail the tele comes on at eight and I sit there and watch it it’s one of those programmes that on face of it would seem a bit off putting as it’s about women giving birth mainly at home in the nineteen fifties but actually theres always a different storyline going on some are uplifting, some are romantic, and some can be sad like the episode where the character Jenny lost her boyfriend in a horrible accident but last nights episode was uplifting and romantic it’s nice to have a combination of the two sometimes.

Thanks for bearing with me again I meant to post some more entries on last week on Thursday and Friday as I’d been doing so well with posting my new entries but never mind I’ll be posting the link to this blog post onto my twitter feed for you all to have a read of.





Busy Weekend and Relatives


Hey Everyone,

Well it’s the start of another new week I was tied up with various things last week so I wasn’t able to post any new blog posts I thought I might get the chance to at the weekend but sadly I wasn’t so lucky but on the plus side I did get to see my sister and my nephew on Saturday which was lovely we had a very cultural day as we all went to the science museum which was actually really interesting I hadn’t been for years so it was nice to go and see how much it had changed.

Anyway later on I went to the V and A with my mum who’d met me after I’d finished with my sister and my nephew and we had a drink in their new tea rooms which were very elegant I have to say then we went to meet my other relatives for a meal it was nice because some of our relatives from Ireland had come over and they’re staying until Tuesday this week so it was great to catch up and see them the only thing was my mum had got the hotel mixed up that we were meant to be meeting them at thankfully it was the one opposite so we didn’t have to go too far.

We went over to a restaurant called STRADA which I had heard of but I hadn’t actually been into I’d only seen it from the outside but it was pleasant even though it was very busy to be honest it would have been nice to go on Sunday when it was less busy but never mind I was very tired when I got home though and then of course on Sunday an auntie of mine said they might come and used my main laptop at home I hand’t heard from them for most of the day until they turned up at about three so I had no escape from relatives that day.

My laptop was charging as well so I couldn’t use it because the battery was so low the best thing I could was leave it to charge up I did talk to my auntie just in case your wondering it wasn’t a very exciting conversation as she’s one of those people who tends to jump in with both feet and then come out with something that’s not very constructive at all mind you that didn’t stop her from implying that myself going to university was a waste of time because for some reason I can’t remember now we’d go onto something around that subject and then she starts patronising me a bit and I thought hold on I know that university can be a waste of time for some people.

But that’s their decision anyway a cousin of mine whose twenty nine now she’s doing another degree and flittering around would my auntie go round, use her main laptop at home and then patronise her in the process? Let me think no of course she doesn’t because she wants to make out that she’s so friendly and nice to all the other cousins let her get on with it that’s what I think but what I will say is that when I do my next play with my drama group on 13th July I’m not letting her know about it  and if I end up performing in June at the Old Vic Theatre as part of their community company I’m not letting her know about that either I’ll let someone else tell her instead she’ll soon be changing her tune that will definitely happen.

I know you shouldn’t be awful about your relatives but sometimes they really wind you up mind you that happens in every family regardless of what anybody says when you’ve got to know them a little bit you find out it’s not all a bed of roses (that’s my cynical side coming out ooops!!) oh well that’s normal I think because otherwise if you can’t even get annoyed or even have an argument with your family it means you don’t have a healthy relationship because that’s what happens in life people annoy you or wind you up and people have flaws shock horror even me ahhh!! can’t believe I’ve just said that but it is true though.


Oh well I’ll get over but sometimes you just need to vent and get whatever it is off your chest I find blogging, songwriting, singing and acting helps personally for me but I’m sure you’ve all got your own creative ways of getting things off your chest the important thing is that I’ve got other people who I know are behind me like my sister, my mum, my aunt and uncle on my sisters side, friends from university you know people like that.

Anyway I really must go now otherwise I’ll never get dinner on the table and it’s fast approaching five o’clock thanks for reading  I’ll be posting the link to this blog post up on my twitter feed and I’ll be posting some more new entries very soon.